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Surname Malat - Meaning and Origin

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Malat: What does the surname Malat mean?

The last name Malat is of Italian origin, derived from the word "mela," which means apple. The Malat last name is often found in northern Italy, particularly Piedmont and Lombardy regions. It is also found in other parts of Europe such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, and Slovenia. The Malat surname is relatively rare, but is believed to be derived from an ancient Latin male given name Maledictus, which means cursed.

The origin and meaning of Malat provide some insight into the family's culture and values. The Malat family was likely of peasant heritage and heavily invested in the agricultural industry. Apples were a common crop in this region, and this fruit also serves as a popular cultural symbol in this part of Europe, signifying joy and abundance.

Culturally, the Malat were likely to have been hard-working, faithful, and practical, as evidenced by their agricultural roots and symbolic ties to the apple. Those with the Malat name often take pride in their humble beginnings and strive to maintain the traditional values of hard work and dedication that have been passed down over the generations. Consequently, the Malat family is often known for their fairness, goodwill, and generous spirit.

Malat: Where does the name Malat come from?

The last name Malat is most commonly found in Central Europe, particularly in countries like Hungary and Slovakia. In Hungary, approximately 2,000 people bear the surname, making it one of the 400 most common last names in the country. Most Malats in Hungary are descended from the historical noble family who owned a prominent estate in the country.

In Slovakia, the surname is considered to be quite rare with only 2,000 people reported to bear the name. It is thought to have originated in the region of Dolny Kubin in northern Slovakia. Malat is also a popular last name in France, predominantly in the Ile-de-France region.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the surname is significantly less common with only around 700 people reported to have the name, although two separate Malat families were recorded living in Pennsylvania in the 1800’s. The name is also present in the United Arab Emirates, with hundreds of people bearing the name.

Despite its relative rarity in many countries, the Malat name remains popular in Central Europe and is still found throughout the region today.

Variations of the surname Malat

The surname Malat has multiple variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These include Małat, Młat, Małót, and Maciółt.

Variants of Malat include Małat, which is a Polish variant, and Młat, which is also a Polish variant. In Czech, the surname Vaccarino can be related to Malat as well as Maciółt. Also, in Hungarian, Małót is a variant of the surname Malat.

In some cases, the surname may be derived from the Polish words "młody" meaning young or "mały" meaning little. In other cases, it may have been derived from the Czech word meaning "upside down".

Other variations of the surname include Malatovsky, which is a Ukrainian variant, Malata, which is an Italian variant, and Malot, which is a French variant. Additionally, Malatijn is a Dutch variant of the surname.

The surnames Malat, Małat, Młat, Małót, Maciółt, Malatovsky, Malata, Malot, and Malatijn are all variants of the same surname. Depending on the region, the spelling and pronunciation of the surname can vary. The origin of the surname may also vary from region to region, as can the meaning.

Famous people with the name Malat

  • Giuseppe Malatesta: Italian anarchist and politician
  • Stefan Malatesta: 13th century leader of the Guelphs (or Guelfs; a major political faction in medieval Italian)
  • Ermanno Malatesta: Italian journalist who reported from and lived in the Middle East from the late 1950s to the early 1990s
  • Carlo Malatesta: Italian painter
  • Leopoldo Malatesta: Italian painter
  • Davide Malatesta: Italian explorer and anthropologist
  • Ugo Malatesta: Italian lawyer and Democratic Party politician
  • Pietro Malatesta: Italian socialist politician
  • Raphael Malatesta: Italian neo-expressionist painter
  • Gaspare Malatesta: Italian professor of electrical engineering
  • Signorina Malatesta: character from Giacomo Puccini's comic opera, Gianni Schicchi

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