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Surname Maple - Meaning and Origin

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Maple: What does the surname Maple mean?

The surname Maple is of English origin and derives from the Middle English word "mapel," which is related to the Old English word "mapul." It most frequently denotes a topographic name for someone who lived near a maple tree or a stand of maple trees. This suggests that the earliest individuals with this last name may have lived or worked in areas abundant with these trees when surnames first began to be used in England. Additionally, Maple can also refer to the wood of this tree, implying a possible occupational origin related to woodworking. Like other surnames derived from plant names, it might also have been used metaphorically in nicknames to signify certain characteristics, perhaps referencing the qualities of resilience and adaptability associated with the maple tree.

Maple: Where does the name Maple come from?

The surname Maple is derived from English topographical origins, referring to people who lived near a maple tree or a maple orchard in the middle ages. It is from a pre 7th century Old English word "mapul," which stands for a maple tree. Maple trees were popular in those times and were often named for their sweet sap used to make sugar. They were also renowned for their fine, hard, and often beautifully patterned wood. The tree was typically found in the eastern counties of England which is where the surname is most frequently seen.

In modern times, the Maple last name is more commonly seen in the United States, England, and Canada. According to the 1921 Census of Canada, Ontario had the highest population of Maple families. In England, Maple families were found most frequently in Essex in 1891. In the US, the highest population of Maple families was found in Ohio in 1840. Overall, the name is not extremely widespread and remains relatively unique.

Variations of the surname Maple

The surname Maple is of English origin and derived from the Middle English word "mapel", signifying a maple tree. Some variants include Mapel, Maples, Mape, Mable, and Maps. It may also be seen as Mapley, Mapely, Mapleigh, Mapell, and Mapelby. Anglicized or localized versions may vary greatly. For example, in non-English speaking countries, it could be translated or adapted based on the meaning or phonetics, such as "Ahorn" in Germany or "Erable" in France, both words for "maple". However, those are not common surnames in these countries.

While variants and alternate spellings exist, it should be noted that surnames such as Mable are not necessarily related to Maple in origin, as Mable is often derived from the female given name "Mabel". Certain surnames may appear similar or have been modified over time or through immigration processes. That said, determining if a surname is a true variant often requires individual genealogical research.

Nicknames or pet forms of this surname are rare due to its short and distinct nature. However, in some cases, families may create unique adaptations or amendments based on personal history or preference.

Famous people with the name Maple

  • Tulisa Contostavlos: British singer-songwriter and former member of the hip hop group N-Dubz.
  • Sheneka Adams: American reality television personality, urban model, and actress.
  • Brielle Maple: Canadian flower child and fashion & lifestyle blogger.
  • David Maple:Former professional American footballer
  • Clinton Maple: Late American screenwriter and television producer.
  • Joey Maple: American reality television personality, internet personality, and podcast host.
  • William Maple: British composer and musician, best known for writing the soundtrack for the movie “Titanic”.
  • Lawrence Maple: Former American professional basketball player.
  • Janet Maple:Australian actress, best known for her work on the television series “Neighbours”.
  • Charlotte Maple: American model, best known for appearing on the cover of “Maxim” magazine.

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