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Surname Marangoz - Meaning and Origin

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Marangoz: What does the surname Marangoz mean?

The last name Marangoz is a Turkish surname, derived from the ancient word marangoz, which translates to "carpenter". Historically, it was a term used to describe someone who earned a living as a master builder and woodworker. These skilled artisans built the architectural wonders of the Ottoman Empire, ranging from tekkes and mosques to lavish palaces and military strongpoints.

The name Marangoz is symbolic of the fine craftsmanship that these master builders have passed down through generations. The surname is still used today in Turkey, and it continues to be associated with a legacy of craftsmanship and expert carpentry skills.

Modern day carpenters who bear the name Marangoz are proud to carry on the craftsmanship that has been handed down through the ages, and continue to build and create lasting works of art using traditional methods.

The legacy of the surname Marangoz is held dear by the people of Turkey and is a reminder of the importance of skillful craftsmanship and dedication to creating quality works of art. This is what the name stands for: the art and skill of creating lasting works of beauty with dedication and an eye for detail.

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Marangoz: Where does the name Marangoz come from?

The last name Marangoz is an uncommon surname that primarily originated from Turkey, but is also found in other countries in the Balkans, such as Bulgaria and Romania. Primarily, the Marangoz family is of Turkish origin.

In Turkey, Marangoz is a traditional woodworking profession, and the last name is derived from the profession. Marangoz were primarily carpenters and wood-carvers. The occupation dates back to early Ottoman Empire times, when Marangoz were responsible for making furniture, doors, windows, and other wood-working projects. Marangoz could also be responsible for creating wood sculptures, which is why the last name has been linked to the profession.

Today, the last name Marangoz is still found in Turkey and other countries in the Balkans, and is a relatively uncommon last name in those regions. There is also a small presence of the Marangoz family in the United States, mostly among descendants of immigrants from Turkey. Though there are not many individuals with this last name in the US, the family is quite prominent in its native regions of Turkey and the Balkans.

Variations of the surname Marangoz

The surname Marangoz is a Turkish occupational name which means ‘carpenter’. It is derived from the Turkish words ‘marangozluk’ and ‘marankoz’ which mean ‘carpentry’ and ‘carpenter’ respectively. In Turkish, the surname can be spelled in various ways to denote different spellings, which include Marangoz, Marankoz, Marançoz, Marancioz, Marangoc, Marankoc, Marançoc, and Marankoclu.

Additionally, due to the fact that surnames can be subject to regional variations, Marangoz may be spelled in various other forms, depending on the dialect of the native region. Some of these variants include Marançik, Maranjik, Marancı, Maranci, Marancioglu, Marancoglu, Marankoglu, Maranoglu, and Marankic.

Likewise, surnames can further be subject to transformation over time, so another possible spelling or variation of Marangoz may be Marko, Markovic, Markocevic, Markovici, Mrkovic, Mrkovici, Markevic, Marevic, or Marevcevic. Furthermore, as surnames are often taken from the father's first name, names like Marangoz may also be seen as a shortened form of Mark Agostino, Markuç Espine, Marius, or Marśuło, all of which have the same origin.

Overall, while there are various possible variants, surnames and spellings of the same origin for Marangoz, it is important to note that the original spelling and meaning of this name remains as Marangoz - Turkish occupational name meaning ‘carpenter’.

Famous people with the name Marangoz

  • Burak Marangoz: a Turkish-born fire performer, acrobat and dancer
  • Gökhan Marangoz: a Turkish television actor best known for his roles in the TV series, Ask Laftan Anlamaz, Küçük Gelin, and Aşk Yeniden
  • Hasan Marangoz: a Turkish international footballer
  • Simge Marangoz: a 2013 Miss Turkey winner
  • Sercan Marangoz: a Turkish football player
  • Yilmaz Marangoz: a Turkish author and lawyer
  • Barış Marangoz: a Turkish professional motorcycle racer
  • Engin Marangoz: a Turkish footballer
  • Mehmet Marangoz: a Turkish industrial engineer
  • Mustafa Marangoz: a Turkish folk singer
  • Ulaş Marangoz: a Turkish professional footballer
  • Abdurrahman marangoz: an Turkish footballer and manager
  • Ömür Marangoz– a Turkish professional footballer
  • Umut Marangoz: a Turkish footballer
  • Halil Marangoz: an Austrian-Turkish professional football player

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