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Surname Marcelis - Meaning and Origin

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Marcelis: What does the surname Marcelis mean?

The surname Marcelis is a patronymic surname derived from the given name Marcel. Marcel is derived from the Latin name Marcellus which is made up of the elements 'marcus' meaning 'hammer', and 'cellus' meaning 'small'. As such, Marcelis likely refers to “the descendant of the hammer” when referring to an individual.

Marcelis can be found primarily in French speaking countries. Marcelis is a fairly common surname in Belgium, with the highest concentration found in the Flemish province of West Flanders. Outside of Belgium, it’s most commonly found in France, Netherlands, and Uruguay. It is also used as a given name in France.

Marcelis is said to be a nickname for egotists, because of its conflation with the verb “marceller”, which can mean either talk too much, or brag about oneself. Marcelis can also be used to refer to a fair-minded and strong-willed individual who is honest and reliable.

Overall, the surname Marcelis is a derived patronymic, referencing the Latin name Marcellus and likely meaning “descendant of the hammer”. It’s found mainly in Francophone countries and carries both positive and negative connotations.

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Marcelis: Where does the name Marcelis come from?

The last name Marcelis is common in Europe, particularly in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg. Marcelis is Dutch in origin and is related to the Latin word 'marcel', meaning 'warring'.

In Belgium, the Marcelis name is found mostly in and around the Flemish provinces of West Flanders and East Flanders. The Belgian Marcelis family is most likely related to the Flemish settlers who emigrated to the Netherlands in the late 14th century. Despite having numerous branches, the most prominent one eventually ended up in the Flemish city of Bruges.

In the Netherlands, the Marcelis name is most common in the provinces of Noord-Holland and Utrecht, as well as in the larger cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The Marcelis name is also common in northern France and the Paris region. It has a strong presence in Normandy and Picardy, as well as in Paris.

Finally, the Marcelis name is also found in small chunks in Luxembourg, where it is a French influence.

In general, the Marcelis name is an old family name that spread from Flanders into several European countries. Today, it is most prominent in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

Variations of the surname Marcelis

The surname Marcelis is a Dutch and Belgian patronymic surname which derived from the given name Marcel. It derived from the Latin Marcellus meaning “dedicated to Mars”. Variations of Marcelis include Marcélis, Marcelys, Marcelles, Marceletti, Marcelli, Marcelis, Marcelius, Marselles, Marquelles, Mercelis, and Mercélys.

The Dutch variant of Marcelis, Marcellis, has two alternate spellings, Marcelys and Marcelles. Similarly, the Belgian variant, Marceletti, has two alternate spellings, Marcelli and Marselles. Marcellus is also a variant of Marcelis that is found in Latin countries such as Italy.

Surnames based on the same origin as Marcelis include Marceau, Marcius, Marcell, Marechau, Mareci, Maricic, Mars, and Marschalek. Marche, Marcelle, Marchelli, Marchelle, Marcucci, Merceau, and Merciau are French variants of Marcelis. Marčetić, Marčoles, Marcolazzi, Marcopoulos, Marques, and Marquise are Greek variants of the same origin.

In Germany, surnames with the same origin as Marcelis include Marquard, Marke, Markes, Markhardt, Markiewicz, Markoff, Markov, Marko, Marku, Markwardt, Markus, and Marq. In Spain, the origin of the name Marcelis can be seen in surnames such as Marcellan, Marconi, Marques, and Marqués.

In conclusion, there are many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin as Marcelis. The most common variants include Marcellis, Marcelys, Marcelles, Marceletti, Marcelli, Marcellus, Marselles, Marquelles, Mercelis, and Mercélys.

Famous people with the name Marcelis

  • Sophie Marcelis: Fashion designer
  • Daan Marcelis: Football player from the Netherlands
  • Zita Marcelis: Former Miss Belgium
  • Constantijn Marcelis: Director of the Municipality of Rotterdam
  • Arnold Marcelis: Actor and Writer
  • Tjebbe Marcelis: Film director
  • Anke Marcelis: Social entrepreneur
  • Koen Marcelis: Contemporary artist
  • Tessa Marcelis: Paralympic swimmer from Belgium
  • Mariska Marcelis: Dutch television presenter and journalist.

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