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Surname Marcineck - Meaning and Origin

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Marcineck: What does the surname Marcineck mean?

The last name Marcineck is of Czech origin. It is derived from the personal name Marcin, a very old name of Slavic origin. Variations of Marcineck include Marcinko, Marczinek, Marciniec, and Marcinczyk.

The meaning of the name Marcin is associated with Martian, or war-like, characteristics. It is thought to come from the old Slavic word mare (meaning "great"), or marana (meaning "fighter" or "warrior").

Marcin was a popular name among the Czech people, and the surname Marcineck is most common today in Eastern Europe, particularly in the Czech Republic and Poland. Marcin is also found among people with Celtic, Irish, Hebrew and Germanic backgrounds.

Throughout history, Marcin has been associated with many noteworthy figures. From the 1950s to the 1970s, Roman Catholic clergyman Fr. Marcin Bonanowski was a popular figure, advocating for the poor and advocating for the rights of the disenfranchised.

Throughout the ages, people named Marcin or bearing the surname Marcinek have also been popular among the artistic and creative communities. Famous artists like Mark Rothko and Kazimir Malevich, and musicians like John Coltrane and Brian Eno, were all born with the name Marcin or one of its variants.

The name Marcin has a long, proud tradition of history and culture that has been carried on by countless individuals throughout the centuries. Today, the name Marcinek continues to rise in popularity, with its distinct, war-like connotations, providing a perfect example of its timeless legacy.

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Marcineck: Where does the name Marcineck come from?

The last name Marcineck is most commonly found in the United States today. According to the United States Census Bureau, the highest numbers of individuals with that name are found in Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan, respectively.

In Pennsylvania, the top 5 cities with the highest concentration of people with the name Marcineck are Philadelphia, Allentown, Scranton, Lancaster, and Erie.

In New York, the top 5 cities with the highest concentration of people with the name Marcineck are New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Yonkers.

In Michigan, the top 5 cities with the highest concentration of people with the name Marcineck are Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, and Lansing.

Tracing the name back further, it is thought to have originated in the German region of Silesia, which is now split between Germany and Poland. This area is known for the production of kummelweck, a type of roll topped with caraway seeds and salt. This is where the name “Marcineck” is thought to have come from – it is believed that Marcineck is derived from the German word for “caraway seed roll”.

Though the name Marcineck is most commonly found in the US today, there are also some individuals with this last name living in other countries. For example, there are some living in parts of Canada, Brazil, France, and Poland.

Overall, the last name Marcineck is found primarily in the US today. The top 3 states with the highest concentration of people with this last name are Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan. Additionally, it is thought to have originated in the German region of Silesia. Lastly, a few individuals with the last name are also living in other countries such as Canada, Brazil, France, and Poland.

Variations of the surname Marcineck

The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for Marcineck are spelled in many different ways. It is an uncommon spelling of the surname Marcinkevicius that is used most often in Eastern Europe. Marcineck is an anglicized form of the common Lithuanian surname Marcinkevicius and is also seen as Marciniec. This surname is derived from the Slavic given name Marcin meaning “of Mars,” most likely referring to the god of war. It is commonly seen in its Lithuanian form, but it is also found in other Eastern European countries such as Poland, Russia, and Ukraine.

Marcineck is generally seen as Marcinkevicius or Marcinkevičius in Lithuanian, Markinkevičius in Russian, Markinkevich in Ukrainian, and Marcinkewicz in Polish. This surname can also be found in the shortened forms Marcinkevič, Marčenko, Marčinko, Marcinke, or Marčenka. It is also sometimes Anglicized to Marcinko or Marcinenko.

Common surnames that are derived from Marcineck include Marčenka, Marcinkevičius, Marcinko, Marcinčenka, Marčinko, Marcinke, Marcinovskis, and Marčenko. All of these surnames are derived from the same origin and have the same meaning behind the origin, simply with different spellings.

Famous people with the name Marcineck

  • Richard Marcineck, an American Major League Baseball pitcher.
  • Mike Marcineck, an American NCAA basketball player.
  • Greg Marcineck, an NBA player who played for the Seattle Supersonics.
  • Jeff Marcineck, an actor and voice director of Scooby-Doo & Friends.
  • Robert Marcineck, an American college football coach for Air Force Academy.
  • Nick Marcineck, an American rugby union player.
  • Dave Marcineck, a former Major League Baseball pitcher.
  • Paul Marcineck, a former National Hockey League player.
  • Todd Marcineck, a former offensive lineman in the National Football League.
  • George Marcineck, a professional diver and three-time US Olympic trials champion.

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