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Surname Marcinkewitsch - Meaning and Origin

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Marcinkewitsch: What does the surname Marcinkewitsch mean?

The last name Marcinkewitsch is of Eastern European origin. It is a variation of a Polish and Russian patronymic surname, derived from 'Marcinkewitsch', meaning "son of Marcin."

Marcin is a Polish given name that is derived from the Latin name Martinus, which is derived from mars, the Roman god of fertility and war. Throughout much of Europe and into the Middle East, this name has been used since the Middle Ages and is still quite common today.

The presence of the double ‘-kewitsch’ is an interesting feature, which is a Slavic suffix indicating a patronymic. In Slavic countries, people who remembered their ancestry often used the suffix ‘-kewitsch’ to indicate they were descendants of this particular family.

The ‘-ichi’ part of the surname indicates a Ukrainian or Russian origin, as it is a variation of an ancient Slavic suffix used to indicate an independent community or large family.

In conclusion, the last name Marcinkewitsch is of Polish and Russian descent, and the suffix ‘-kewitsch’ indicates a patronymic and the suffix ‘-ichi’ indicates a Ukrainian or Russian origin.

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Marcinkewitsch: Where does the name Marcinkewitsch come from?

The last name Marcinkewitsch is most commonly found in Germany. It is one of the most common surnames in the country, and it is most often associated with the German-speaking population. In some cases, it is also found in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, such as Austria, Hungary, and Poland.

The Marcinkewitsch name is derived from the Polish form of the German name Martin, which means "Warrior of Mars" or "Blessed of Mars". The name has been in Germany since the 13th century, when it was used by noble families of German origin. Over time, it has been adapted by different countries and cultures, leading to many different versions of the same name.

In Germany, the Marcinkewitsch name is used by both German-speaking and ethnic-minority populations. It is also found in many parts of Austria, Hungary, Poland, and other countries in the region. Despite its local significance, the name still remains relatively rare outside of the German-speaking world.

In the United States, the last name Marcinkewitsch has only begun to gain ground in recent years with German immigrants moving to the country. It is still quite rare in other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Marcinkewitsch

The surname Marcinkewitsch is a Slavic name originating from the region of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. It is an old name of Belarusian origin with a variety of spellings and derivatives.

The most popular spelling of the Marcinkewitsch surname is Martsinkevitch. This spelling is derived from the Belarusian language and is the traditional Belarusian spelling. The direct translation in the Ukrainian or Russian language is Martsinkevich.

Other variations of the Marcinkewitsch surname are Martsinkewycz, Martsinkevitsh, Marcinkewicz, Martsinkiewicz, Marcinkiewitsch, Marcinkewitcz, Martsinkevitch and Marcinkievich.

The Marcinkewitsch surname also has numerous derivatives, including Marcinkevich, Marcinko, Marcinkewycza, Marcinkov, Marcinkova, Marcinkovski, and Markinkevich.

Common surnames associated with the Marcinkewitsch lineage are Martsinkevits, Martsinkevich, Martsinkevič, Martsinkiewicz, Marcinkevič, and Marcinkiewicz. These surnames are generally derived from various regional dialects of Belarusian and Ukrainian.

The Marcinkewitsch surname is quite a rare family name but is still found today in countries from the former Soviet Union. The name also continues to have many variants, spellings and derivatives used to this very day.

Famous people with the name Marcinkewitsch

  • Klaus-Albert Marcinkewitsch: German movie and documentary director.
  • Jan Marcinkewitsch: American football running back.
  • Mariusz Marcinkewitsch: Polish professional basketball player.
  • Ron Marcinkewitsch: former Canadian ice hockey player.
  • Janina Marcinkewitsch: Polish actress.
  • Anne-Katrin Marcinkewitsch: German film director and screenwriter.
  • Janina Marcinkewitsch: German actress.
  • Pavlo Marcinkewitsch: Ukrainian professional volleyball player.
  • Florian Marcinkewitsch: German cellist.
  • Clare Marcinkewitsch: American singer and actress.

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