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Surname Mardeck - Meaning and Origin

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Mardeck: What does the surname Mardeck mean?

The last name Mardeck is of German origin, derived from the Medieval German personal name Markwart. It is believed to be a reference to a person who was strong and brave, like the mythical figure of "Mars" (the Roman god of war). The name understandingly has a strong association with also being courageous and having a spirit of adventure.

One interesting aspect of the name Mardeck is that it can be traced back two centuries ago to the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia, which had its own monarchy from 1701 to 1918. The kingdom was a major power in Central Europe and was known for its innovative and modern military practices that helped shape the name and its reputation as representing strength, courage, and a need for exploration.

In modern use, the name Mardeck carries many positive connotations. People with this surname are often believed to possess ambition, intelligence, determination, and the ability to use their strength to get through difficult times. It is also thought to encourage the mastery of situations through courage and leadership, with a willingness to take risks. As the last name continues to live on in remote Germany, it should not be forgotten that the name Mardeck is far more than negative associations. It’s an important reminder of the power of bravery and resilience.

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Mardeck: Where does the name Mardeck come from?

The last name Mardeck is not particularly common today, but it does have a few notable instances. The name is mainly associated with countries in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in Austria, Germany, and Slovakia. It is also present in some countries in South America, such as Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia.

In Germany, Mardeck is most common in the states of Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, and Saxony. There is also a Mardeck family in Thuringia. In Austria, the Mardeck family is most prevalent in the state of Burgenland.

In terms of South America, the Mardeck family is most commonly found in Brazil, however there is also a branch in Argentina and Colombia. In Argentina, the Mardeck surname is mainly concentrated in the provinces of Misiones and Buenos Aires. It can also be found in the provinces of Córdoba, Santa Fe, and Entre Ríos. The Mardeck family in Colombia is mainly concentrated in the cities of Bogotá, Barranquilla, and Buenaventura.

Overall, while the Mardeck last name is mainly associated with Central and Eastern Europe and South America, it has a small presence in other parts of the world. Today, the Mardeck family mostly live either in Central and Eastern Europe or South America.

Variations of the surname Mardeck

The surname Mardeck is derived from the Germanic forename 'Mardo'. Different variants of this surname exist, including Marteck, Mardek, Mardik, Martik, Mardach, Mardoch and Mardochi. Sometimes, the 'c' at the end is dropped, resulting in Mardeck, Mardek and Mardik.

The spellings of the different variants of this surname can also vary due to dyslexia, incorrect official documentation and other factors. Some of the alternative spellings of this surname include Mardich, Masonich, Marduc, Marzech, Marcik, Marik, Mardik, Mardoch, Mardog, Mastersky and Mirticz.

When this surname is used in a patronymic format with other surnames, the variants of Mardeck are also altered. For example, Matharto, Matheck, Matherto, Maderku and Majdwick are some possible patronymic variants of this surname.

In addition to these variations, Mardeck also exists as a surname in smaller number of countries around the world. For example, descendants of the surname Mardeck in the Philippines may spell it as Marcado or Marcado-Villacorta. Similarly, variations of this surname are also found in China and France, such as Mardiks, Mardial, Mardic and Mardkol. The various Guamanian spellings where the surname is found include Mardike, Mardikeo, Mardiki, Mardikio and Mardigo.

Overall, the surname Mardeck has a variety of different spellings, variants and surnames of the same origin.

Famous people with the name Mardeck

  • Dave Mardeck: Professional wheelchair racer who won bronze at the 2000 Summer Paralympic Games in the Men's 4 x 400m Relay.
  • Paul MarDeck Jr: American contemporary jazz saxophonist and composer who has released a handful of albums.
  • Marcus DeMardeck: American engineer and entrepreneur who founded a software-development company.
  • Fred S. Mardeck: Former member of the New York Assembly.
  • Wilder Mardeck: Former professional baseball catcher who played in the MLB in the 1920s.
  • Ganesh Mardeck: Technology and products executive specializing in global positioning systems.
  • Bobby Mardeck: Former professional football player who won two Super Bowls with the Oakland Raiders.
  • Priscilla Mardeck: British author who has written three books about historical Scotland.
  • Kate Mardeck: American singer/songwriter and pianist, released her debut album in 2015.
  • Shaula Mardeck: Spanish-Canadian mixed martial artist who competed for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

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