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Surname Marion - Meaning and Origin

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Marion: What does the surname Marion mean?

The last name Marion is of French origin and is derived from the Hebrew personal name 'Miriam.' This name has historical connections to Christian devotion to the Virgin Mary. In Christianity, Marion symbolizes bitterness, rebellion, and for the sea to be bitter. The name Miriam is the root form of the name Mary, which has variations in different languages, including Marion. It is quite popular in France, and in the U.S., it's often used as a first name. Notable people with the surname Marion include professional athletes, politicians, and entertainers. The name is unisex, denoting devotion to the Virgin Mary among males and females alike. However, the interpretation of the meaning of Marion may differ in other cultures or languages.

Marion: Where does the name Marion come from?

The surname Marion has French origins, derived from the personal name Marion, a diminutive form of Marie, which means "bitter". It was often given as a name to males in the middle ages. Over the years, the name became a surname and started being used across different cultures and regions. Revisions and changes over time led to various spellings of the name, including Marioni, Marione, Marien, Mariot, Mariotte, Mariolle, Marionneau, Marioneau and many more.

Today, it is a common surname in the United States, ranked in the top 30% of surnames. It is also prevalent in France and Canada. In France, it is primarily found in historical region Brittany, while in Canada, it is most populous in Quebec. Other countries such as Australia, England, and Scotland also have families with the surname Marion, making it a truly global name. The name has been carried to various parts of the world, together with the French language, diverse cultures, and distinct societies. It has evolved and continues to mark individual identities, signifying a rich and varied history.

Variations of the surname Marion

The surname Marion is of French origin and is also a popular first name. It evolved from the personal name "Marion," which is a diminutive of the name "Marie." In English, it is often associated with the name "Mary."

Variations of the surname Marion can include: Marione, Marien, Mariano, Marian, Mariot, Merrien, Merion, and Marionne. Variants can often depend on regional dialects and phonetic spellings. Other surnames that are possibly related to Marion due to sharing a similar root include: Mari, Mario, and Marius.

In other cultures and languages, similar names can include: Marión (Spanish), Marião (Portuguese), Marioni (Italian), and Marióna (Hungarian).

In the case of the Italian surname Marioni, it's a patronymic or plural form of the personal name Mario, just like the Spanish variation Mariona is a feminine form of Mario in Spain and Catalonia.

Keep in mind that the spelling and variation of the surname can change significantly over time and can be subject to different regional influences and spelling interpretations. Therefore, tracking a surname's exact lineage might require professional genealogical research.

Famous people with the name Marion

  • Fran Marion, American playwright, actress, screenwriter, and journalist.
  • Jim Marion, American artist and sculptor.
  • Robert Marion, American orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine researcher.
  • Razorback Dave Marion, professional bass angler with many championship titles.
  • Sir Francis Marion, American Revolutionary War hero.
  • Jeanne Marion, French vintner and creator of Maison Jeanne Marion wines.
  • Michael Marion, world champion bodybuilder.
  • Sandy Marion, American NASCAR driver and Petty-Owen Racing Team Owner.
  • Richard Marion, Italian-American businessman and founder of AmRisc insurance.
  • Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Former US Surgeon General known as "Dr. Marion".
  • Audrey Marion, English novelist.
  • Joe Marion, American singer and guitarist.
  • Sylvie Marion, French novelist.
  • Mike Marion, American football coach and former player.
  • René Marion, Canadian curler.
  • Chad Marion, American actor.
  • Sharlene Marion, Canadian musician.
  • Michelle Marion, Canadian ice hockey player.
  • Guy Marion, French sprint canoer.
  • Wilber Marion, American jazz saxophonist.

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