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Surname Marques - Meaning and Origin

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Marques: What does the surname Marques mean?

The last name Marques is of Portuguese origin and translates to "marquis" in English. It is a title of nobility, which ranks above a count and below a duke. The name may have originally been given to people who worked for a marquis or lived in the household of one. Additionally, it could also be bestowed upon someone who carried themselves with the dignity or demeanor expected of a marquis. Over time, it became adopted as a surname. In Portugal and Brazil, "Marques" is a fairly common last name. It reflects the vestiges of the region's feudal period and its entrenched social hierarchies. The name carries a sense of prestige and honor, underscoring the influential role of historical social structures in shaping patterns of naming and identification.

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Marques: Where does the name Marques come from?

The surname Marques is of Portuguese origin. It derives from the personal name Marcos or Marcus, which is linked to the Roman God of War - Mars. Over time, the name evolved to become Marques, indicating "son of Marco". This surname is a patronymic, meaning it is based on the name of a male ancestor.

Marques is common in Portugal and Brazil, owing to historical links between the two nations. During the Age of Discovery and Portuguese exploration in the 15th and 16th centuries, this surname was carried by explorers, settlers, and missionaries to Brazil, where it became well-established as a result of intermarriages and local adaptations. Hence, it is common to find a significant number of individuals with the surname Marques in Brazil than in Portugal in today's times.

Moreover, this surname has also scattered across former Portuguese colonies and communities around the globe, including Angola, Mozambique, Goa in India, Macau in China, and East Timor in Southeast Asia. However, it remains most prevalent in Portugal and Brazil.

Variations of the surname Marques

The surname Marques originates from the personal name Marcus, which was brought to Spain during the Roman period. The Latin form of Marques means "dedicated to Mars", the Roman god of war.

Variants and alternative spellings of Marques include Marquez, Márquez, Marqui, Marquis, Markes, Marcus, Markus, and Markee. Some of these variants are due to regional differences in pronunciations and spelling traditions. For example, "Marquez" is often used in Spanish-speaking countries, while "Marquis" is common in France.

There might also be similar or related surnames based on the Latin root "Marcus". These could include "Mark", "Marc", "Marco", "Marcel", or "Marcellus".

In some situations, the surname could also be a variation of "Marqués" or "Marquis", which were titles of nobility in medieval times. In this case, similar or related surnames could include "Duke", "Baron", or "Count".

Yet, it's important to note that just because surnames sound alike or have similar origins doesn't mean family relation. Many of these surnames were simply developed from common first names or occupations, so they might have been independently created in different families.

Famous people with the name Marques

  • Lisa Marques: Portuguese singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Lucio Marques: Brazilian footballer
  • Lucas Marques: Brazilian footballer
  • Jadson Marques: Brazilian footballer
  • Doménico Marques: Portuguese conductor and composer
  • Ruben Marques: Portuguese singer, songwriter, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist
  • Valter Marques: Brazilian professional basketball coach
  • Carolina Marques: Brazilian swimmer
  • Julio Marques: Brazilian footballer
  • João Marques: Portuguese professional track and field athlete
  • Maria Marques: Portuguese professional tennis player
  • Emílio Marques: Brazilian writer, political analyst and journalist
  • Carlos Marques: Portuguese painter
  • Raúl Marques: Brazilian footballer
  • Ana Marques: Portuguese journalist and television presenter
  • Manuel Marques: Portuguese businessman
  • Mariana Marques: Brazilian volleyball player
  • David Marques: Brazilian professional footballer
  • Guilherme Marques: Brazilian professional footballer
  • Nelson Marques: Angolan politician and ambassador.

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