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Surname Marrero - Meaning and Origin

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Marrero: What does the surname Marrero mean?

The last name Marrero is a popular Hispanic surname, and shared among dozens of families across Latin America and Spain. This type of name is common in places that were colonized by the Spanish, and the root word comes from Latin and old Spanish to mean “marshlands”. It was originally used to describe land that had been reclaimed from marsh or swamp to create arable farmland.

Originally, Marrero may have been given to people whose family lived on the reclaimed land or who were skilled in reclaiming and working with the marshland. The surname is believed to have evolved over time, taking on new connotations to represent strength and resilience in the face of the challenging terrain.

Today, many families with the last name Marrero have found great success in various industries across Latin America, Spain, and the rest of the world. From business to the arts and beyond, Marrero is a highly respected and influential last name. From its humble roots as a marker of resilience and strength, the Marrero name has grown to take on a sense of pride for its holders – as a distinct marker of their Latin heritage.

Marrero: Where does the name Marrero come from?

The last name Marrero is quite common both in Spain and Latin America. It originated in the Spanish province of Galicia in Northwestern Spain and is believed to originate from a nickname referring to someone who was "hard as a rock".

In Spain, Marrero is one of the ten most common surnames in the regions of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, and the Basque Country. In Latin America, it is most common in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. In the United States, Marrero is the 177th most common surname. It is particularly common in Texas, California, and Florida.

Marrero is also common in other regions of the Spanish-speaking world, such as South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. In the Philippines, Marrero is one of the most common surnames, along with Dela Cruz and Santos.

Overall, the last name Marrero appears to be quite prevalent throughout both the Spanish-speaking world and Latin America. From Spain to the Dominican Republic and beyond, this surname is a reminder of the global impact of the Spanish language.

Variations of the surname Marrero

The surname Marrero is a Spanish/Portuguese last name that derives from the Latin “marra”, meaning a hammer. Its variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin include Marra, Marrah, Marrahs, Marres, Marri, Marris, Marrisse, Marriss, Marrisses, Marrus, and Marrusse.

Marra is a Spanish and Portuguese surname which became the most frequent variant in the United States. This variant may also be spelled as Marah or Marrah, particularly among people of Basque origin. Marres is the Catalan variant of Marrero and is often found among Spanish-Americans.

Marri is an Italian variant of the name, which is sometimes spelt as Marris. Marrisse, Marriss and Marrisses are other variants of the name and are used predominantly in France. Marrus is an alternate spelling of the surname found among Slovaks and Rusines. Lastly, Marrusse is another variant of the name, found among French-speaking populations, like French Canadians.

Famous people with the name Marrero

  • Carlos Marrero: Cuban Major League Baseball player
  • Joaquin Marrero: Puerto Rican Entrepreneur and Managing Director
  • Leonardo Marrero: Venezuelan singer-songwriter
  • Mario Marrero: Cuban-American Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Bertha Marrero: Puerto Rican Professional Basketball player
  • Maria Isabel Marrero: Spanish child actress
  • Olga Marrero: Spanish journalist and radio show host
  • Jorge Marrero: Dominican Republic Soccer player
  • Vicente Marrero: Venezuelan Baseball player
  • Wilfrido Marrero: Dominican Republic Baseball player

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