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Surname Marvan - Meaning and Origin

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Marvan: What does the surname Marvan mean?

The last name Marvan is thought to be derived from the Germanic first name Marwin, a combination of the words “mar”, meaning “fame”, and “win”, meaning “friend”. Alternatively, it may come from the Old Dutch “marth”, a term for “eagle”. Morover, the name could have a Slovenian origin, deriving from the old Slavic first name “Marvan”, meaning “foreigner” or “stranger”.

In the Middle Ages, around the ninth century, people with the last name Marvan, or its variants Marvaine, Marvain, Marvyn, and Marvien, were likely located in Belgium, The Netherlands, or Germany. During this time, this surname was associated with a person who was a powerful warrior, brought victory in battle, and was honorable among his peers.

Today, there is still a presence of people with the surname Marvan in Europe, as well as in the Americas and Australia. It is possible that, because of their similar origins, there is some intermingling with other surnames such as Marven, Marvyn, Marvey, Marve, Marv and Marvaine.

The name Marvan continues to remain as a symbol of honor for those carrying the name, and is associated with strength, courage, and valor throughout many generations.

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Marvan: Where does the name Marvan come from?

The last name Marvan is most common in Brazil today, particularly in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. Brazil is home to the largest population of people with this last name, having a population of more than 14,000 people.

Marvan is also found in other countries including Germany, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, and the United States. In Hungary, Marvan is a rare last name, being found in only a handful of families. In the U.S., Marvan is estimated to occur in around 500 individuals.

Marvan is derived from a long line of Bavarian German and Hungarian Sephardic Jewish origins and is unique to those nationalities. The name is likely derived from the German ‘Bauern’, which means ‘farmer’, and was originally a nickname used to denote a farmer who worked hard. Over time, it became an adopted part of a family name.

Additional locations where the name Marvan is found, however in much lower numbers, include Belarus, Denmark, France, Italy and Russia. Throughout these countries, Marvan is a rare and unique surname that is believed to be passed down through many generations.

Variations of the surname Marvan

The surname Marvan is an old surname of unwritten origin. It is first recorded in medieval Europe, possibly originating in what is now the Czech Republic. The variants and spellings of this name include Marvanov, Mervan, Marván, Marvanek, Marvanovic, Marvano, Marvánek, Marvánková, Marvankov, and Marvanova.

Marvanov is a variant of the surname, which is a patronymic name derived from the personal name Marvan. The surname Mervan is an alternate form of Marvan and is derived from the Slavic personal name Mervan. The surname Marván is a diminutive form of Marvan, which is found in Czech and Slovak genealogy records. This variant is also sometimes seen spelled Marvanec.

Marvanek is a Czech variant of the surname Marvan which is often seen in genealogy records in that country. The surname Marvanovic is a patronymic form of Marvan and is recorded in several cities in Croatia. Marvano is a variant of the surname found in records in Sisak, Croatia.

Marvánek is a diminutive form of Marvan found in Czech genealogy records. Marvánková is a feminine form of the surname Marvan found in Czech genealogy records. Marvankov is an alternate spelling of the surname Marvánek and is found in Czech genealogy records. Marvanova is a patronymic variant of the surname found in Prague, Czech Republic.

Famous people with the name Marvan

  • Mario Marfan: Venezuelan telenovela actor who resides in Mexico.
  • Jorge Marván: Mexican actor, notably in telenovelas like La usurpadora.
  • Graciela Marván: Mexican film and television actress.
  • Manoliño Marván: Mexican actor, singer and songwriter.
  • Elaine Marván: Filipino actress best known for appearances in Temptation of Wife and My Husband's Lover.
  • María del Carmen Marván: Guatemalan singer and entrepreneur.
  • Yolandita Marván: Puerto Rican singer and actress.
  • Roberto Marván: Uruguayan actor and theater director.
  • Carlos Marván: Chilean actor primarily known for his role in the hit series Solo para Mujeres.
  • José Marván: Argentine film and television actor.

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