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Surname Marvell - Meaning and Origin

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Marvell: What does the surname Marvell mean?

The last name Marvell is believed to be of Norman origin, derived from the French word marvellé which means miracle. It is believed to have originated from an Anglo-Norman town called Marville in Normandy. Marville derives from the Latin marevilla, which roughly translates to "wonderful sea".

The surname Marvell has a rich and interesting history. It has been found over the centuries in various parts of the United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, and Wales. It was a relatively common name in England during Medieval times, with variant spellings including Marvile, Marvill, Marvale, Marvall, and Marvell.

The most famous Marvells in history were the English poets Andrew Marvell (1621-1678) and his nephew, Joseph Marvell (1674-1729). Andrew is best remembered for his nature-inspired poetry and skillful satire, while Joseph is renowned for his metaphysical poetry.

The Marvell surname is still common today and is associated with several celebrities, including the actor Hugh Marvell and the former England footballer Michael Marvell.

Given the history of the Marvell surname, it is perhaps fitting that it literally translates to “wonderful sea”. It is a name full of mystery and wonder, and perhaps a reminder to explore the vast and beautiful oceans of the world.

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Marvell: Where does the name Marvell come from?

The surname Marvell is most commonly found in the United Kingdom and Ireland today. It is derived from the Old French 'merveille', meaning 'wonder, marvel, or miracle'. The name may have been given to someone who graduated from university, or a man who was highly skilled in some craft or profession. Marvell is among the popular surnames in Northern Ireland due to its familiarity in the Ulster-Scots culture, where it was used as an Anglicized version of the Gaelic Mac Giolla Mhoir, meaning “son of the devotee of Mary". This Anglicised version can be seen as a reminder of the strong Irish Catholic roots, influenced by Catholic devotions to the Virgin Mary.

In England, Marvell is most commonly found in the South West around Devon and Cornwall. It is thought that it might have been an occupational name for someone who was a fish merchant. Additionally, it is found in bigger numbers in Greater London, predominantly in the West and South.

Marvell is not a terribly popular surname outside the British Isles, however there are a few scattered occurrences in Europe and the United States. In the US, the highest concentrations of the surname Marvell can be found in California, adjusted to population size. It is slightly more common in Delaware, New Hampshire, Alabama, and in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Additionally, Marvell is the title of one of the major technology companies in the world. It designs and develops semiconductor and infrastructure software products. This may influence the popularity of the name in the tech-heavy Silicon Valley area.

Variations of the surname Marvell

The surname Marvell has a number of variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. This name is derived from marvel, an Old French word which is derived from the Latin marvelum meaning "wonderful, astonishing, extraordinary".

The most common variant spellings of this name are Marvil, Marville, Marvyl, Marveill, and Marvelll. The other variations of this name include Marveil, Marvaill, Marveilhe, Marveilhes, Marvelh, Marvely, Marvelli, Marvillo, Marvell, Marvelles, Marveley, Marvill, Marvello, Marvelo, Marverill, and Marvello.

The most prominent derivative surnames of the same etymological origin include Marvellous, Marvillo, Marvellous, Marvellous, Marvellous, Marvelous, Marvly, Marvellous, Marvellous, Marvly, Marval, Marvalle, and Maroesa.

This surname is also found in various regional forms like Marveillero in Spain, Marvillo in Italy, Marvilo in Portugal, Marvil in France, Marvillo in Switzerland, Marvil in Germany, Marvillo in the Netherlands, and Marval in Austria.

The Marvell surname has also been found present in various Welsh family trees, such as Marvell, Marviel, Marvellous, Marvel, Marvelous, Marv, Marvellous, Marvyl, Marvil, Marvel, Marvilhes, Marvillous, Marvylle, Marvells and Marvles.

Famous people with the name Marvell

  • Christine Marvell: born in 1967, she was the Secretary of Defense in the Obama administration.
  • Elizabeth Marvell: Charlotte-based author and poet.
  • Andrew Marvell: seventeenth-century English poet and politician.
  • Matthew Marvell: an English churchman and divine from the seventeenth century.
  • Amanda Marvell: writer and lifestyle blogger.
  • Thomas Marvell: English politician and lawyer from the seventeenth century.
  • Howard Marvell: grammar school teacher and science fiction author.
  • Hannah Marvell: British model and actress, known primarily for her roles in film and television.
  • Colin Marvell: English sociologist, lecturer and researcher.
  • Jean Marvell: American singer, most famous for her 1960's hits "The Lion and the Lamb" and "Tennessee Boy".

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