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Surname Masce - Meaning and Origin

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Masce: What does the surname Masce mean?

The surname Masce is a patronymic name thought to have originated in Italy, likely derived from the given name Masceo, from the ancient Roman family of Masscius. This family name is thought to have derived from a Latin phrase "massa Ceus" which means "firm" or "steadfast". This phrase is thought to be related to the ancient Celtic word "sce" which also means “firm”.

The surname is thought to have been popularized in the Italian dialect of Tuscan, likely through the ancestry of various prominent Italian families who used the hereditary surname Masce. Although the exact roots of the name remain largely unknown, Masce may have been used as a reference to a "strong," firm, or unwavering individual.

This surname is thought to have some distant ties to royalty as well. It is said to have been first used by the powerful Counts of Marsciano, who were located in central Italy during the 10th and 11th centuries.

While the exact obtuse origin of the surname Masce is not clear, this root of the name likely points towards the underlying attributes of strength and steadiness both in regards to physical and mental character.

Masce: Where does the name Masce come from?

The surname Masce doesn't seem to have a specific country of origin that is mentioned in genealogical or etymological references, making it difficult to identify its roots accurately. It may be a variant of other surnames, and therefore, its origins may be hidden in that possible alteration. As such, the surname could come from any culture that utilizes M, A, S, C, E within their language structure.

The understanding of where it might be most common today is also ambiguous for the same reasons. Based on available data, it is not a particularly common surname anywhere in the world. Despite the lack of concrete information, it is important to remember that surnames can often be unique, changed, or derived from various other circumstances such as migration, marriages, or even shifts in language.

In conclusion, without more specific information or context, the origins and current distribution of the surname "Masce" remain uncertain. Given the diversity and complexity of surname origins and their distribution globally, a specific answer may require further professional genealogical research.

Variations of the surname Masce

The surname "Masce" is not common and might have originated from a misspelling or Anglicization of a more common surname. There are very few records available for this surname. However, it may be related to or a variant of a number of similar surnames:

1. Mace: This surname has a number of different origins, including French, English, and Dutch.

2. Masci: This is an Italian surname. Variants include Maschio, Mascia, De Masco, Lo Masco, and Lo Mastro.

3. Mascio: This is another Italian surname, which can also be spelled Maschio.

4. Massey: An English surname, variants include Massie, Macy, Macey, and Massy.

5. Massey: A French surname, sometimes spelled Massé, Masse, or Massei.

6. Mascarenhas: A Portuguese surname.

7. Maske: A German surname.

8. Masek: A Czech surname.

9. Macias: A Spanish surname.

Please note that while these surnames are similar in spelling and pronunciation to "Masce", it is not certain that they are of the same origin. Some of these surnames have different roots and meanings in their respective languages.

Famous people with the name Masce

  • Anthony Masce Jr., American actor of film and television
  • Carlo Masce, Italian footballer
  • Federico Masci, Italian footballer
  • Loris Masce, Italian singer
  • Libero Masci, Italian actor
  • Octavio Masce, Mexican actor
  • Kike Masce, Spanish actor and producer
  • Alexander Masce Jr., American director, writer, producer
  • Marco Masce, Italian musician
  • Jessica Masce, American singer
  • Sergio Masce, Argentine composer and producer
  • Eugenio Masce, Argentinian actor
  • Giovanni Masce, Italian actor and singer
  • Mario Masce, Uruguayan actor and musician
  • Alex Masce, American actor and producer
  • Diego Masce, Argentinian model
  • Sal Masce, American musician
  • Tony Masce, American producer, writer, and director
  • Javier Masce, Spanish actor
  • Federico Masce, Italian singer-songwriter
  • José Masce, Salvadoran footballer
  • Jacque Masce, French writer and actor
  • Pierre Masce, French actor
  • Franca Masce, French actress
  • Paul Masce, French actor and producer
  • M. Masce, Spanish author

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