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Surname Masterson - Meaning and Origin

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Masterson: What does the surname Masterson mean?

The surname Masterson is of English origin and is derived from an occupation. The term comes from the Middle English word "master" which refers to someone who has control over something or someone, possibly a teacher or a boss. When suffixed with “son”, it means "son of the master". So essentially, Masterson might have referred to 'son of a master craftsman' or 'son of a teacher'. There is also the possibility that this surname got assigned to individuals who were known for their mastery in a particular skill or trade. Like many other surnames that originate from England, the name Masterson started appearing in documents and records from the Middle Ages. Remember, the meaning and derivation of a surname can often vary based on different geographical locations and historical periods.

Masterson: Where does the name Masterson come from?

The last name Masterson is of English origin and has its roots in the Old English occupational surname "Mastere," meaning 'teacher, master of an art or trade.' It is an occupational surname for someone who was either a master of a specific craft or a teacher. The suffix '-son' denotes 'son of the master.'

The addition of "son" indicates the name was once given to identify a "son of a master" or “son of the teacher,” implying that the initial bearer of the surname was the son of someone who was a master or teacher.

Today, the surname Masterson is most common in the United States, particularly in the states of Illinois, California, and Texas. It can also be found dispersed in England, Canada, Australia, and other former British colonies. However, the highest density of the Masterson surname is in Ireland, due to significant migration during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Variations of the surname Masterson

The surname Masterson originates from the Irish surname Mac an Mháistir, meaning ‘son of the master.' Notable variants and spelling alterations of the surname include Maisterson, Masterman, Masters, Masterton, and Masturzo in English-speaking countries. Uncommon variants might include McMaistir in Gaelic-speaking regions.

Occasionally, the name may also be Anglicized as Meehan, from the Irish surname Ó Miadhacháin, though this connection is less direct.

Additionally, regional dialects, transcription errors, and changes over time may have resulted in variants that are more distantly recognizable. For instance, Masterson might have theoretically transformed into Matherson, Massey, or even Madison in certain contexts.

It's also essential to note that not every person with the surname Masterson will be related, as the name might have been independently derived from different places, at different times, or could have been assumed upon immigration.

Moreover, it's common for surnames to be simplified or modified to adapt to the language or social conditions of a new country. For example, immigrants to non-English-speaking countries might have their names changed to be more pronounceable, such as transforming Masterson to Matson in Scandinavian countries.

Famous people with the name Masterson

  • Danny Masterson: Actor best known for his roles in 'That 70's Show' and 'The Ranch'
  • Chris Masterson: Actor best known for his roles in 'Malcolm in the Middle' and 'The Middle'
  • Wilmer Valderrama: Actor, Best known for his role in 'That 70's Show'
  • Jessica Masterson: Country singer
  • Shaun Masterson: British actor
  • Luke Masterson: British actor
  • Tony Masterson: British actor
  • Dermot Masterson: British actor
  • Samuel Masterson: British actor
  • Ben Masterson: British actor
  • Michael Masterson: British actor
  • David Masterson: British actor
  • Hilly Masterson: Professional golfer
  • Justin Masterson: Professional baseball player
  • Derek Masterson: Professional soccer player
  • Mary Masterson: Professional equestrian
  • Paul Masterson: Professional footballer
  • Rob Masterson: Professional rugby player
  • C.K. Masterson: American novelist
  • John Masterson: Archbishop of Dublin
  • Arthur Masterson: U.S. Congressman
  • Frederick Masterson: U.S. Congressman
  • Thomas Masterson: U.S. Congressman
  • Andrew Masterson: Mayor of Toronto
  • John Masterson: Lieutenant Commander of the British Royal Navy

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