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Surname Maxsted - Meaning and Origin

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Maxsted: What does the surname Maxsted mean?

The surname Maxsted is of Anglo-Saxon origin. It's an English topographic or habitational name, which usually derived from a place where someone lived or originated from. Maxsted is believed to come from Old English words "Macces", a personal name, and "Stede", referring to a place, farm, or estate. Therefore, Maxsted may signify 'Macce's place' or 'farmstead of a man called Macce'. As surnames often evolved based on one's residence or occupation, the person with this surname may have been associated with a place called Maxsted, or lived at or managed a farmstead associated with a person named Macce. Like many surnames, the exact origin and original meaning of Maxsted can be uncertain due to changes over centuries and lack of recorded information. It should also be noted that the spelling of surnames would often change over time, and might be spelled differently in various records.

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Maxsted: Where does the name Maxsted come from?

The surname Maxsted is of English origin. It is believed to be geographical, denoting someone who came from a place called Maxsted or something similar in the UK. The name has variations such as Maxted, Maxed, Maxstede, and others. The name first appeared around the 13th century in records. The first known recorded mention of the name dates back to John de Maxstede in 1273 in the Hundred Rolls of Kent.

As for its current distribution, there isn't much concentration of surname Maxsted in a particular region in the UK or elsewhere. The instances of this surname are quite sporadic and not very common. However, according to Forebears, most of the people with the surname Maxsted live in England, specifically in Southeast England, followed by Australia, and then other parts of the world. Despite its English origins, it is not among the common last names in England today.

Variations of the surname Maxsted

The surname Maxsted is believed to be of English origin, specifically from a geographical location called Maxted in the county of Kent. Variants of the surname Maxsted may include Maxted, Maxtred, Maxtedd, Maxsteed and possibly even Maxfield, though the latter may also refer to a different geographical origin.

It's important to understand that surnames have evolved significantly over the centuries, mainly due to factors such as historical events, migrations, and phonetic variations among different communities.

Another possible variant could be Muxted. These variations can emerge from local dialects and how different sub-groups within the same linguistic communities perceive and modify language phonetics over time. This evolutionary process has contributed to the formation of countless surnames, making them somewhat intricate to trace back to their original forms.

However, it should be noted that, besides Maxted, the other variants are considerably less frequent and their connection to Maxsted might be somewhat obscure, requiring more detailed genealogical investigation. As of today, most bearers of the Maxsted surname seem to reside in England, Australia, and a few in the United States.

Famous people with the name Maxsted

  • Gail Maxsted, Dame Gail Maxsted, DBE, is a financial services executive and the first female chairman of the board of Volkswagen Group.
  • Evan Maxsted, Executive Director at Maxit Media, an online media and marketing firm.
  • Mark Maxsted, an American actor, voice actor and comedian.
  • John Maxsted, an Australian businessman and adventurer.
  • Denise Maxsted, an American film and television actress.
  • David Maxsted, a former Australian Rules footballer.
  • Charles Maxsted, an American racehorse trainer and owner.
  • Naomi Maxsted, an Australian former swimmer and an Olympic gold medalist.
  • Shima Maxsted, an Australian Olympic snowboarder.
  • Simone Maxsted, a former Australian professional lacrosse player.

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