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Surname McCarta - Meaning and Origin

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McCarta: What does the surname McCarta mean?

The surname McCarta is of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic name "MacCarthaigh," which translates to "son of Carthach." The personal name Carthach means "loving," hence, in a broader sense, McCarta could imply "son of the loving one." This name was quite prevalent among descendants residing in the county of Kerry in southwestern Ireland. Like many traditional Irish names, McCarta is indicative of lineage and familial relationships. The transformation from "MacCarthaigh" to "McCarta" happened over time, due to numerous factors such as Anglicization, translating Gaelic names into English counterparts. Keep in mind that surnames vary globally and may carry unique meanings in different cultures and languages. Often, they can reflect an ancestor's occupation, nickname, place of residence or even physical attributes.

McCarta: Where does the name McCarta come from?

The surname McCarta is of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic name "Mac Artach" which signifies "son of Bear-hardy." It was given to a person who was strong as a bear, highlighting their courage, bravery, and strength. Always as "Mc," it denotes "son of."

In its original region of Ireland, the McCarta tribe was initially settled in the Northern Province of Ulster, specifically in the county of Tyrone. The family was recognized as lords of Cenel Fereadaibh and their main seat was the Loughinsholin barony.

Today, the McCarta surname is spread across the globe due to immigration waves in the past centuries, particularly during the Irish diaspora of the 19th century. It is most common in countries that saw significant Irish immigration during this period. These include the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. However, it is still found in Ireland as well. Generally, the variations of the surname, such as McCarthy or McCarty, may be more common than the exact spelling of "McCarta." Regular changes in spelling of this name have occurred over time, often due to phonetic translations and varying literacy levels.

Variations of the surname McCarta

The surname McCarta seems to have mostly Irish roots, indicating its origin from Gaelic. The name itself could refer to the son of the bear or the son of the person of Arcadia. Similar variants and spellings of this surname are quite numerous due to regional variations, changes over time, and misspellings.

Common variants and spellings include: McCarte, McCart, McCartee, MacCarta, McArta, McArtha, MacCartha, MacCarter, McCarter, and McArter.

Also, associated surnames from similar roots might include: McArdle, MacArt, MacCarthy, McHarty, McCarthy, MacArther, and MacArthur.

Please note that many Irish names beginning with "Mc" or "Mac" may share origins even if their modern spellings seem diverse. The prefixes "Mc" and "Mac" mean "son of" in Irish and Scottish surnames, so variations may simply refer to different root names or patriarchs.

In some cases, the names might have been anglicized, leading to many more spelling variations. So, there could be numerous other spelling variants of McCarta not covered in this list.

Famous people with the name McCarta

  • Joely Fisher (American actress, singer, comedian, and director)
  • Tricia McCarty (American singer and songwriter)
  • T.J. McCarty (American college football coach and former player)
  • Meghan McCarty Carino (American TV personality and blogger)
  • Thomas E. McCarty (former U.S. Army major general)
  • Aaron McCarty (American guitarist, artist, and music producer)
  • Regan McCarty (American competitive swimmer and Olympic athlete)
  • Richard McCarty (retired U.S. Air Force major general)
  • Alain McCarty (Canadian actor)
  • Julia McCarty (American actress)

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