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Surname McCune - Meaning and Origin

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Tracing Origins: An iGENEA DNA Journey into the McCune Lineage’s Scottish and Irish Heritage

Having been intrigued by the mysteries surrounding my ancestry, I took an iGENEA DNA test to get a deeper understanding of my roots. I was predominantly interested in the origin and history of my surname - McCune. Interpreting my DNA results coupled with historical research opened a window to my heritage, stemming from Scotland and Ireland's ancient turf, and painted a vivid picture of my lineage and its influence throughout history.

F. McCune

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McCune: What does the surname McCune mean?

The surname McCune is of Scottish and Irish origin. It evolved from the Gaelic name MacEoghain, which itself derived from the personal name Eoghan. Eoghan means "born of the yew tree" in Gaelic. Therefore, the last name McCune indirectly refers to someone who is a descendant of a person named Eoghan.

In many instances, the last name McCune has been anglicized from different variations, including MacKeon, MacEoin, and more. The diversity in the Anglicization of the name results from different regional pronunciations.

It is also important to note that McCune might be a spelling variant of the surname McCune that has been irregularly modified over time due to illiteracy or the lack of standardized spelling during the times these surnames were established.

Like many other surnames, McCune can give insights into family heritage, providing a link to Celtic ancestors and their dwelling regions. However, due to the anglicization and modifications, it might be challenging to trace the exact lineage or the original form of the name.

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McCune: Where does the name McCune come from?

The surname McCune is of Scottish origin, derived from the Gaelic personal name Mac Cuinn, which means "son of Conn". The name Conn has a meaning related to "wisdom" or "chief". The surname is a hereditary surname that was originally derived from a Gaelic name Mac Eoghain.

The geographical distribution of the McCune surname is predominantly found in North America today, according to data from the website, with the greatest number in the United States. Within the US, it is especially common in Pennsylvania, followed by California, Ohio, Washington, and North Carolina. Other significant concentrations of people with the McCune surname exist in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and to a lesser extent in England, Australia, and Canada. However, the McCune name is quite unique and not very common even in these areas.

Variations of the surname McCune

The surname McCune has several variants, origin variations, and spellings. Some of these alternate spellings are due to phonetic translations, Anglicization, and other variations over time and across different cultural contexts.

Variants and spelling alternatives for McCune include MacEwen, MacEwan, MacCune, McEwen, McEwan, MacKeun, McKune, and McKeune. Certain versions may remove the 'Mac' or 'Mc' prefix entirely, resulting in forms like Cune, Ewen, or Ewan.

The surname McCune has its roots in Scottish/Irish origins, specifically deriving from the Gaelic "Mac Eoghain" meaning "son of Eoghain" or from "Mac Eòghainn" which means "son of the yew". Such patronymic surnames often have several spelling variations due to Anglicisation processes, dialect differences, and regional dispersal.

Different surnames with a common origin include Ewing, Owen, and Ewan. Because the surname has been geographically dispersed over time due to migration, clan dispersion, and other historical events, these forms vary across regions and countries.

Remember that these are just a few examples. Surnames can evolve drastically over time and regional dispersion, so there are potentially other variants and spellings for McCune.

Famous people with the name McCune

  • Charles McCune: film producer, production manager and art director, based in Los Angeles
  • Caitlyn McCune: American soccer player who plays midfield for North Carolina Courage in the NWSL
  • Dr. David McCune: Professor Emeritus of Clinical Medicine in the UNC School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Erin McCune: Irish actress, singer, and writer who also works as an activist, focusing on LGBTQ+ rights
  • Jack McCune: American race car driver in the USAC National Sprint Series
  • Michael McCune: American guitar player and composer
  • Paul McCune: American professional basketball player who last played for the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA
  • Rebecca McCune: Canadian pop singer
  • Robert McCune: former linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins
  • Sam McCune: U.S. Army Major General during World War II and the Korean War

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