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Surname McDougald - Meaning and Origin

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McDougald: What does the surname McDougald mean?

The surname McDougald is of Scottish origin, and is derived from the Gaelic name Macdhuibheid, meaning “son of Dugald”. The originally patronymic surname would have been given to the son of a person named Dugald, many of whom would have been first found in the Argyll and Bute region of Scotland.

The name Dugald is derived from a Gaelic personal name composed of the elements 'dubh' (meaning dark or black) and 'gall' (meaning stranger). So the literal meaning of the name McDougald is “son of the dark stranger”.

The earliest recorded bearer of the name McDougald appears to be a certain Gilmor Macdhuibheid, who is recorded as a witness in the medieval Gaelic charter service, dated to 1199 AD.

From there, the McDougalds spread right across Scotland, where the name is still common today. The variant spelling of McDougall is also still in use in Scotland, and there are immigrant McDougald families right across the world today, particularly in North America and Canada.

The McDougald family crest often features a black wolf rampant, referring to the “dark stranger” element of the name's origin. The McDougald family motto is “Strength and Courage”, perhaps referring to the strength and courage of their Gaelic ancestors, who never shied away from a fight.

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McDougald: Where does the name McDougald come from?

The last name McDougald is most commonly found in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is believed to originate from the old Scottish surname MacDugal, which roughly translates to mean ‘son of Dùghall’. The name is also found in Canada and the United States. Records show that many members of the McDougald family immigrated to these countries in the 18th century.

Today, the McDougald name is particularly common in areas of Scotland such as Aberdeenshire, Perth, and Angus. It is also found in the Scottish Highlands, as well as in Ulster, Northern Ireland.

The McDougald name is also very common in Canada, especially in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Records show that McDougalds have lived in Canada since the 19th century.

In the United States, the McDougald name is especially prominent in states such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Florida. There are records of McDougalds living in North Carolina as far back as the 17th century. Consequently, areas such as the Appalachian Mountains and the Piedmont region of the state remain particularly associated with this name.

Given its Scottish roots, the McDougald name remains popular in Scotland and Ireland today. However, it is also common in many other countries, particularly Canada and the United States, due to the fact that many McDougalds have immigrated to these countries over the centuries.

Variations of the surname McDougald

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname McDougald include MacDonald, Macdonald, McDonnell, McVannell, MacVannell, McDonell, MacDonell, McDonnel, MacDonnel, McDonell, MacDonell, McDounell, MacDounell, McDonwell, MacDonwell, McDowell, MacDowell, MacDonwell, McDonnell, Donnell, Donnel, and Donell.

The McDougald surname primarily originates from Scotland and is associated with a clan of the same name. The Gaelic version of the name is Mac Dhughaill, which means son of Dougal, and it originates from the Clan Dougall of Argyll. Historically, the MacDougalls were a powerful force in the region and the chief of the clan was John MacDougall of Dunollie.

Another version of the name originated in Ireland, where it is the anglicized form of the old Irish Gaelic surname Mac Dughall. This version of the name is more commonly found in Ireland and is thought to be derived from the old Irish personal name Dubhall.

Regardless of which version of the McDougald surname is used, they all originate from the same Gaelic origin and ultimately connect to the same family. The various spellings and surnames of the same origin provide a sense of connection and togetherness, and help to identify one branch of the McDougald clan with another.

Famous people with the name McDougald

  • Klay McDougald: NFL Player for the Seattle Seahawks
  • Mookie McDougald: NFL Player for the Washington Football Team
  • Layla McDougald: actress known for roles in Oxygen and Children of the Corn
  • Gordon Mcdougald: Canadian professional hockey player
  • Elmer McDougald: Olympic Athlete
  • Breelyn McDougald: Canadian ice dancer
  • MaryAnn Mcdougald: Professor Emeritus in the School of Teaching and Learning at Ohio State University
  • Tricia McDougald: CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Anne McDougald: non-profit executive serving on the board of the Dominican Republic’s Fundes Foundation
  • Isabel McDougald: Canadian artist known for her oil painting “The Master and the Apprentice”

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