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Surname McElhago - Meaning and Origin

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McElhago: What does the surname McElhago mean?

The last name McElhago is derived from the Gaelic Mac Giolla Thaidhgh, meaning ‘son of the servant of Tadhg’. The root name, Tadhg, is an Irish given name, a diminutive of the original name, Taoiseach, which means ‘chief’ or ‘leader’.

This culture of leadership is still reflected in the McElhago name today. The ancestors of the McElhago’s associated with political and religious activities in the 19th and 20th centuries. This tendency of working for the betterment of family and community has been passed down through generations. The namecan be found today in many parts of the world.

The McElhago name is linked to perseverance and hard work. Ancestors of the McElhago surname were pioneers in a variety of endeavors, from farming to teaching. They worked to build their own legacy and empower and improve their communities.

The McElhago's are a storied family that has remained proud and strong over the generations. This proud and determined attitude has helped to shape the face and values of the McElhago name. They carry the meaning of service and leadership that has been passed down and continue to honor the family name.

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McElhago: Where does the name McElhago come from?

The last name McElhago is associated with the county of Galway in Ireland. It can also be found in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. In these countries, McElhago is less common than in Ireland, but still a recognizable surname, especially within the Irish diaspora.

The name originates in southwestern Ireland, in the province of Connacht. It is derived from the old Gaelic family name Mac Giolla Eathaga, whose root elements mean “son of the servant of Saint Eathagan”.

The many branches of the McElhago family are distributed widely throughout the anglophone world. In Galway, the name is most strongly concentrated around the towns of Clifden, Letterfrack, and Oughterard.

McElhago families in the United States come mostly from the Irish County of Galway, and many can trace their heritage to the original settlement of the area in the sixteenth century. McElhago families are often found in southwestern states like Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, California, and New Mexico, although many have since dispersed to other areas.

In the United Kingdom, McElhago families are most commonly found in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. In England, the name is most prominent in London and East Anglia. Most McElhago families in the British Isles have their roots in nineteenth-century Irish immigration.

The name McElhago is very much alive and well today, with families found throughout the English-speaking world. While not as common as some other Irish surnames, the McElhago name remains a proud reminder of Ireland's history and the dispersed Irish diaspora.

Variations of the surname McElhago

The surname McElhago is an anglicized version of the Irish surname Mac Giolla Hágha, meaning ‘son of the devotee of Hágha’. In the Irish Gaelic spelling, the surname is written Mac Giolla Hágha. Other possible phonetic spellings are MacElhago, McEllhago, MacEllhago and Mac Gillago. Because the Irish spelling of the name was not standardized for many centuries and the origin of the surname is uncertain, there are no definitive variants or alternate spellings.

However, there are several other surnames which have similar meanings and origins as McElhago. These include the Scottish surnames MacGillavry (meaning ‘son of the devotee of Scotland') and MacGillaihoy (meaning ‘son of the servant of Judah'). In the Irish Gaelic spelling, these surnames are Mac Giolla Bhroí (meaning ‘son of the servant of Ireland') and Mac Giolla Iosa (meaning ‘son of the servant of Jesus').

Other surnames derived from the same Gaelic root are McCoig, McCaughey, Magee, McKeever and MacKee. In the Irish Gaelic spelling, these surnames are Mac Faoitigh, Mac Eachaidh, Mag Aoidh, Mac Eamhail and MacAoidh.

Ultimately, there are no definitive variants, spellings or surnames of the same origin as McElhago as the surname’s origin is uncertain. However, several names with similar meanings are derived from the same Gaelic root.

Famous people with the name McElhago

  • Angus McElhago: professional golfer
  • Jack McElhago: New Zealand football (soccer) player
  • Robert McElhago: former Australian Rules footballer
  • Sam McElhago: professional rugby league player
  • Mark McElhago: US congressman from Wyoming
  • Paul McElhago: CEO of a UK banking company
  • Kat McElhago: country music singer
  • Colin McElhago: actor, known for roles in films such as The Revenant
  • Ally McElhago: Australian comedian and screenwriter
  • Dr. Mark McElhago: noted cardiologist and author
  • Sean McElhago: NBA player for the Denver Nuggets
  • Bill McElhago: MLB player for the San Francisco Giants
  • Barry McElhago: award-winning travel writer
  • Flick McElhago: award-winning theatre director and professor
  • Paul McElhago Jr.: actor and stuntman
  • Tim McElhago: Olympic athlete and gold medalist in decathlon events
  • Walter McElhago: established successful vineyard in California
  • John McElhago: landscape architect and designer
  • Kelly McElhago: author and teacher
  • David McElhago: musician and composer

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