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Surname McGachy - Meaning and Origin

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McGachy: What does the surname McGachy mean?

The last name McGachy has Scottish and Irish origins. The original form of the name was Mac Eachaidh, which is a combination of two Gaelic words meaning "son of eachach" or "horseman". The McGachy surname was first recorded in the 12th century in the Scottish Highlands, where it was likely brought by settlers from Ireland.

In Scotland, the sept of McGachy was primarily based in Angus, but the name is also quite common around Lismore in Argyll and on the Isle of Skye. The McGachy name is also widely found in County Donegal and Inishowen in Ulster.

The McGachy surname can have many variants, depending on the origin and time period. Examples include McGinley, McGintie, McGinlay, and McGivern. The spelling of the name has also changed over the centuries with many older forms incorporating extra syllables.

Today, there are people with the McGachy surname in many parts of the world, particularly in the UK, Australia, Ireland, and the US. Although they may have no direct relation, many still proudly carry on the McGachy name and legacy.

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McGachy: Where does the name McGachy come from?

The last name McGachy is most commonly found in Northern Ireland, particularly in the County of Fermanagh and the Province of Ulster. In fact, data from the General Register Office for Northern Ireland shows that McGachy is the seventh most common surname in Fermanagh, with almost 400 people bearing the name. It is believed that the surname descends from the Irish Gaelic MacEachaidh, meaning "son of Eachaidh".

McGachy is also a prominent surname across the Irish diaspora, with the name found across the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada and other countries with a strong Irish connection. In the United States, data gathered by the US Census Bureau shows that the number of people with the McGachy surname peaked in 1957 when the name was recorded 2,907 times. The number of bearers of the name has declined slightly since then, with the most recent records showing only 1,513 McGachy's in the US in 2018.

Beyond its Irish roots, the McGachy surname has also made its way into cultures from around the world. There are records showing that the name is even found in places such as Brazil and India today. As people from all these countries and cultures choose to call themselves McGachy, it is clear that the name is here to stay.

Variations of the surname McGachy

The surname McGachy is mainly found in Ireland and is derived from the Gaelic name Mac Acaidh which translates to "son of Acaide." Variations of this name include MacGachy, Magachie, Machie, Maghee, and Maghee. Others may spell it as Magahy, McGehee, McGehey, MacGeohy, and MacKeogh.

In Scotland, the name is spelled as MacEachy, Maghehey, MacGeehe, MacGeehey and MacGeyhey. As with many Scottish surnames, due to historical clerical errors, the spelling of these surnames may have been altered from MacGachy to MacKeogh. This is especially true when the same name is found in both Scotland and Ireland.

When immigrants from Ireland and Scotland settled in other countries, the spelling of McGachy often changed. Variants include McGehee, MacGeechy, MacGachey, and MacGachy. Some families adopted their surname from the region in which they settled. In Australia, the variants MacGeachy and McGeachy are found, while in the United States, variants such as MacGehey, McGeehey, MacHeigh and Gechy can be found.

The spellings Magu Rehey, MacKeearney and McHerry are variant spellings of McGachy. This surname is quite unusual and it is not as commonly found as other Gaelic surnames. Despite this, it is a well-known surname in certain regions of the world and is still found among families of Irish and Scottish origin.

Famous people with the name McGachy

  • Rory Mc Gachy: an Irish comedian, actor, writer and presenter known for his work on shows such as Father Ted, The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff, and Calvary.
  • John McGachy: an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, John Cena. He is a 16-time world champion, and a 5-time United States champion.
  • Joe McGachy: an American football player and coach. He was the head coach of seven teams in the National Football League during his career, including the St. Louis Cardinals and the Cleveland Browns.
  • Jock McGachy: a Scottish football player who played in the Scottish Professional Football League during the 1930s and 1940s.
  • Rachel McGachy: an Australian actress and television presenter best known for her roles on Neighbours, Tangle, and W: Urban Legends.
  • Mark McGachy: an English comedy writer and producer known for his work on sitcoms such as Absolutely Fabulous and Mr. Bean.
  • Liam McGachy: an Irish singer-songwriter and actor, best known for his debut album, Where the Shadow Lies.
  • Susan McGachy: an American writer and artist, most famous for her children's books, Our House and The Girl Who Talked to Dragons.
  • Donald McGachy: a Scottish-born historian and academic, best known for his work on Scottish history and literature.
  • Michael McGachy: an Irish professional rugby union player, who currently plays for Leinster Rugby.

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