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Surname McGarraty - Meaning and Origin

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McGarraty: What does the surname McGarraty mean?

The last name McGarraty is of Irish origin and is believed to be derived from the Irish Gaelic "Mag Oireachtaigh". The "Mc" prefix literally translates to "son of," while the second part, "Garraty," could represent a variation of "Oireachtaigh." The meaning of "Oireachtaigh" is not entirely clear, but it may possibly be associated with words for "assembly" or "high, noble". As typical with surnames of Celtic origin, it likely described an ancestor's occupation or character traits. However, like many Gaelic surnames, the exact ancient meaning is subject to speculation because of changes in language and transcription errors over many generations. Thus, while the etymology of McGarraty points to an Irish Gaelic origin, the precise ancient implication of the name remains somewhat unresolved. This surname, as with others, helps in tracing lineage, showing a descent from a common ancestral figure. The name may have unique interpretations within different family branches.

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McGarraty: Where does the name McGarraty come from?

The surname McGarraty is of Irish origin, derived from the Irish Mac Garrchtaich, which means "son of Garraí." The name likely originated in north-east Ulinary, which became part of modern-day County Antrim and County Down in Northern Ireland.

Specifically, focus on the prefix "Mc" or "Mac," is indicative of the name's Gaelic origins as both mean "son of." The surname has undergone different spelling variations like MacGarrity, McGarrity, and Garrity, due to historical difficulties in translating Gaelic names into English.

Today, the surname McGarraty is not very common and can be found in small numbers in various parts of the world due to the Irish diaspora. It is primarily seen in English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Canada. In Ireland itself, the name lives on in places like Antrim and Down, but it's far from one of the most common surnames. In these locations, people with the McGarraty surname are likely to be descendants of the original bearers of the name from many centuries ago. Nonetheless, like many Irish surnames, it carries with it a rich history dating back to the early middle ages.

Variations of the surname McGarraty

The surname McGarraty is Irish in origin. It's believed to be derived from the Gaelic Mag Oireachtaigh, which loosely translates to "son of the member of the assembly". Variants and alternative spellings of this surname have evolved over time due to different interpretations and Anglicizations. These variations can include McGarrity, McGarrity, McGarity, McGerk, McGart, McGarry, and Garrity.

More distant variations might include names like O’Garrity, Garraty, and Garity. Some of these versions might have lost the 'Mc' or 'O' prefix over time due mostly to immigration and cultural assimilation, especially in countries like the United States and Australia.

A common trend in Irish surnames is the removal or addition of the 'Mc' or 'Mac' prefix, which means 'son of'. Therefore, a variant could simply be 'Garraty' or 'Garrity'. Also, sometimes the 'Mc' is combined with the following letter, leading to spellings like 'M'Garrity'.

Lastly, it's important to remember that many Irish surnames were originally recorded in the form of Gaelic patronyms, so different branches of the same family might have different surnames. This means that even more distantly related surnames could potentially be of the same origin as McGarraty.

Famous people with the name McGarraty

  • Cassandra McGarraty: an actress who has starred in shows like Cold Case, Castle, and NCIS.
  • Ryan McGarraty: a Major League Baseball player for the San Francisco Giants.
  • Melinda McGarraty: an artist noted for her watercolor paintings and illustrations.
  • Toby McGarraty: a digital artist and illustrator best known for his work with the video game industry.
  • Rachel McGarraty: an actress, singer, and playwright known for her roles in musical theater productions.
  • Michael McGarraty: an author and political commentator who has written extensively about American culture, politics, and history.
  • Brian McGarraty: an entrepreneur and founder of a tech company that focuses on using data driven applications to improve customer experiences.
  • Donna McGarraty: a fashion designer and costume designer.
  • Patrick McGarraty: an author, journalist, and former editor for the New York Times who has written about political and social issues.
  • Sean McGarraty: a stand-up comedian, actor, and writer who has featured in various TV shows and movies.

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