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Surname McGarrick - Meaning and Origin

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McGarrick: What does the surname McGarrick mean?

The surname McGarrick is of Irish origin, deriving from the Gaelic name "Mac Gearailt", which means "son of Gerald". Gerald itself is a name of Germanic origin, composed of the elements "geri" or "gari" (meaning spear) and "wald" (meaning rule). Therefore, the overall meaning could be interpreted as "son of the spear ruler". Like many Irish surnames, this name was likely created to identify members of a specific clan or family hundreds of years ago. In time, the name would also have been used to trace lineage and inheritance. The use of "Mac" shows it belongs to the category of Irish patronymic surnames. Please note that meanings and origins of surnames can be complex and subject to debate due to changes in language and historical records over the centuries.

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McGarrick: Where does the name McGarrick come from?

The last name McGarrick is of Irish origin. The name is often considered as a variant of the surname McGarrigle, which originates from the Irish Gaelic "MacGearailt," meaning "son of Gerald". It was first found in county Donegal in the northwestern part of Ireland, where they held a family seat from ancient times. The surname has been modified over centuries due to its pronunciation, geographical relocation, and anglicization.

As of today, the last name McGarrick is not extremely common, but can still be found in countries such as the United States, Ireland, Canada, and the United Kingdom, including among descendants of the Irish diaspora. However, there are fewer individuals with the surname McGarrick than McGarrigle. Moving ahead, like many Irish names, its usage may continue to diversify globally due to further migration and the ongoing effects of globalization.

Variations of the surname McGarrick

The surname McGarrick is of Irish origin and like many Irish surnames, it has various spellings, variants, and even other surnames of the same origin. This can be due to differences in transliteration from the original Gaelic or from regional variations.

Some variations and similar surnames include: McGarick, McGarik, McGarrigle, MacGarrigle, McGarric, McGarraick, and McGerrick. Additionally, it may also be related to the similarly spelled surnames Garrick, Garrig, and Garick.

Slight variations in spelling do not necessarily indicate a different family line but can represent different branches within the same family, especially when the spelling change is minor, like swapping a single vowel or changing the arrangement of a couple of letters.

The surnames are chiefly from the northern provinces of Ireland where they were part of the the McGarrigle or MacGarrigle clan. The original Gaelic form of the name is generally considered to be Mag Earraghoile, which translate roughly to "son of Earrghaile".

With older records that have been transcribed, there can be significant variations due to different handwriting styles and skills of the original recorder, hence the variance in spellings of the same surname. Similarly, varying immigration and translation processes could lead to changes over time.

Famous people with the name McGarrick

  • Peter McGarrick: is a British film, theatre actor and broadcaster.
  • Joe McGarrick: is an American actor.
  • Patrick McGarrick: is an Irish novelist.
  • Patrick McGarrick: is a retired Irish international footballer.
  • Jules McGarrick: is a British artist and author.
  • Declan McGarrick: is an English professional footballer.
  • Paul McGarrick: a Benedictine priest and headmaster of Stonyhurst College in England.
  • Emmet McGarrick: an Irish theatre director and actor.
  • Siobhan McGarrick: a contemporary Irish filmmaker and writer.
  • Ted McGarrick: is an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Katie McGarrick: an American television writer and producer.
  • Sean McGarrick: a retired Irish footballer.
  • Keith McGarrick: a criminal from New South Wales, Australia.
  • John McGarrick: an airport manager from Canada.
  • Michael McGarrick: a computer scientist from the USA.
  • William McGarrick: an Irish football player.
  • Grace McGarrick: an Australian actress.
  • Robert McGarrick: a Canadian lawyer.
  • Maureen McGarrick: an American child actress from 1980s.
  • Oisin McGarrick: A rugby union player from Ireland.

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