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Surname McGrane - Meaning and Origin

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McGrane: What does the surname McGrane mean?

The last name McGrane is of Irish origin and is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name MacCraith or MacGrath. It derives from the Gaelic Mac Raith, meaning “son of grace.” This name was found in Galway, County Kerry in Ireland and is sometimes recorded as Grady, McGrath, McGrady, or M’Grady.

The Mac Craith clan were members of the Heremonian Sept Tri de Danaia, and were actively supportive of the O’Connors in their last great efforts to protect the last remnants of their ancient kingdom of Connacht. Some members of the clan were involved in the Gaelic Leagues of the 19th and 20th centuries and both McGrane and McGrath are highland surnames.

McGrane was likely first used as a surname in the 12th century and has been found in Ireland ever since. In addition to being a family name, it is also the name of numerous places in Ireland, including a townland in County Down, a waterfall in Galway, and a mountain in Wicklow County.

It is interesting to note that McGrane, McGrady, and McGrath are all variations of the same name, as McGrady is an Anglicized version of McGrath. This suggests that the surname was spread throughout Ireland hundreds of years ago, with some regions preferring the Anglicized spelling while others kept the original Gaelic form.

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McGrane: Where does the name McGrane come from?

The surname McGrane is a variant of the Irish name McGrath. It is chiefly found in areas with a history of settlement by Irish immigrants, such as Australia, the United States, and parts of the United Kingdom. Canada also has a population of people with the surname.

In Australia, the McGrane name is particularly associated with the state of Victoria, where it is the 44th most common surname. Most people in Victoria with the surname are descended from Irish immigrants who arrived in Victoria in the mid-19th century. McGrane is also found in small numbers in other Australian states, such as New South Wales and South Australia.

In the United States, the surname is most strongly associated with the state of Massachusetts, where it is the 1506th most common surname. The majority of people in the state with the surname are likely descended from Irish immigrants who arrived in Massachusetts in the 19th century. Smaller numbers of people with the surname can also be found in other states, including California, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

In the United Kingdom, the McGrane surname is most commonly found in Scotland, where it is the 711th most common surname. There is also a small population of people with the surname in England, particularly in the area of Greater London.

Overall, the surname McGrane is most common in Australia and the United States, but can also be found in small numbers in other countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada.

Variations of the surname McGrane

McGrane is an Irish surname derived from the Gaelic phrase “mac Raigne,” meaning “son of Raigne,” a personal name derived from the Old Norse name “Regin,” meaning “strong ruler.”

Common variants and spellings for the McGrane surname are: MacGrane, MacGrain, MacGrainne, MacGrame, MacGraime, MacGraim, MacGran, MacGraun, McGrane, McGrain, McGraine, McGram, McGraime, McGramme, McGrame, McGrann, McGrann, McGrene, McGrainne, Fisher, Kearney and O'Farren.

Surnames of similar origin and meaning that are related to the McGrane surname are MacGrann, MacGra, MacGranagh and MacGrehan.

McGranaghan is an anglicised form of MacGraingheanaigh, while MacGrainne is related to the clann MacGraine, descendants of an early Irish princes. Fisher, Kearney and O’Farren are derived from other ancient Irish clans.

The McGrane surname is found mainly in County Donegal, along the northern coast of Ireland, but the variants, spellings and surnames of similar origin can be found throughout Ireland, including Counties Cork, Mayo, Dublin and Galway. It can also be found in some parts of Scotland, the United Kingdom and throughout the Americas.

Famous people with the name McGrane

  • Damien McGrane: Professional golfer from Ireland
  • Niall McGrane: Irish Gaelic Footballer from Donegal
  • Maria McGrane: Lead singer with Macha band from London
  • Jack McGrane: Professional surfer from the United States
  • Bridget McGrane: Dancer, journalist and activist from Australia
  • Regina McGrane: Actress known for the film Reeling in the Years
  • Siobhan McGrane: Irish playwright and performer
  • Pat McGrane: Philosopher from Edinburgh
  • Bronagh McGrane: Rugby union player from Scotland
  • Christopher McGrane: Actor and director from the United Kingdom

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