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Tracing the McGrath History: A Journey of Self-Discovery through iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Mcgrath

My journey with the iGENEA DNA test unveiled an enriching heritage tied to the surname McGrath. Discovering roots in historic Ireland, ties to the esteemed Celtic society, and an association with influential historical figures, has transformed my perception of my family identity, filling it with pride and deeper connection.

Receiving the results of my iGENEA DNA test triggered a roller-coaster of emotions, from curiosity to exhilaration, and finally - a newfound respect for my surname: McGrath. The test uncovered my origins, which I discovered, traced back to intriguing and historical places that shaped my newfound perspective on my family’s identity.

The iGENEA DNA test, while offering a range of services, from family genealogy to deep ancestral origins, fanned the embers of my interest in tracing my lineage. The McGrath surname, till now, was merely an identity I inherited. However, the DNA test results fortified the name with deeper meanings and shared histories that transported me centuries back, and connected me to places I was unaware I had roots in.

The DNA test revealed that McGraths are native to regions in Ireland, specifically County Clare and County Tipperary. The name McGrath is derived from the Gaelic name ‘MacGrath,’ representing ‘son of grace.’ Learning these facts has added a layer of historical significance and emotional connection to my surname.

The results also revealed links to the Celts, an early European culture known for their artworks and craftsmanship. I am related to the Druids, the intellectual class of Celts, who held high social status. Knowing that my McGrath lineage is connected to such celebrated and respected individuals driving creative and intellectual advancements in their time, makes me feel incredibly proud.

Additionally, the iGENEA DNA test unveiled one surprise after another, including an unexpected association to a historical figure - a famous McGrath, Bishop Miler McGrath, known for playing a significant role in Ireland’s history. Discovering a connection with an influential figure in religious and political circles had an emotional impact, providing a sense of being part of something greater.

In conclusion, the iGENEA DNA test has reframed my view of the McGrath surname. It is no longer just a name; it carries history, lineage, pride, and a sense of belonging. It has given me an enriched perspective on my family’s identity that is laced with historical grandeur, intellectual heritage, and remarkable individuals.

O. Mcgrath

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