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Surname McMeans - Meaning and Origin

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McMeans: What does the surname McMeans mean?

The last name McMeans is associated with Scottish and Irish origins, primarily in the Ulster region of Northern Ireland. It is a topographical surname derived from the Gaelic Mac Meadhanach, meaning “son of the middle one”. This particular name is a reference to the position of the family in the hierarchy of an extended family. In some cases, it can be a reference to a geographical location in the middle of a clan’s territory.

In the wider context, the name McMeans could be an Anglicized version of the Scottish MacMeannain. This name is thought to originate from the area of Inverness-shire in the Highlands of Scotland. Here, the name is thought to either stem from the Old Gaelic Mac Methain, meaning “son of a bear”, or MacMeyhenach, which translates to “son of a judge” or “son of the Highest One”.

The name McMeans is found not only in Scotland and Ireland, but also throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. As with many Scottish and Irish surnames, variants exist such as MacMeyns, McMains, MacMoynahan, Machinan, and even McMann.

For the individual bearing this name, McMeans carries with it a strong historical and cultural heritage of a proud people who stood fast against great odds in the face of adversity. It is a reminder of a deep-rooted connection to the past, and of a long line of ancestral strength, resilience, and perseverance.

McMeans: Where does the name McMeans come from?

The last name McMeans is most commonly found in Scotland, Ireland, and the United States. It is estimated that around 5,000 people in the United States bear this surname.

In Scotland, the last name is found throughout the country, with the most dense population being in the Aberdeenshire and Angus region. In Ireland, it is most commonly found in counties such as Antrim, Donegal, and Mayo.

In the United States, the last name is found in states throughout the country, although the highest concentration is found in Pennsylvania. Other states with a significant number of individuals bearing the name of McMeans are Virginia, West Virginia, and Oregon. Other places where the last name can be found with relative frequency are Canada and Australia.

The McMeans family is believed to have descended from the ancient Irish sept of the O’Mongain. As they migrated through Scotland and then on to the United States, the spelling of the name changed and eventually became McMeans.

The McMeans surname has been associated with a number of notable people such as Rev. William McMeans (a Baptist minister), Henry McMeans (an American politician), and Meg McMeans (a Canadian actress).

Variations of the surname McMeans

McMeans is an Irish surname of Scottish origins that was popularized in Ireland as a result of Scottish-Irish settlements during the Middle Ages. The earliest recorded variant of the name was MacMeans. This spelling is still in use today, although the most common spellings are MacMeans, McMeans, and McMeins.

The variants McMeines and Mean also exist, and are all believed to be derived from the Old Irish Scottish Gaelic MacMhaighstir, meaning “son of the master”. This name is derived from the root word maighstir, which was used to refer to the head of a household in medieval times.

Moreover, there are several overlapping surname variations of McMeans. These include the Irish MacMayne and Mac Menzie, both of which have the same pronounciation. Likewise, the Scottish surnames MacMian, MacMicken, and MacMoir are all variants of the name. Finally, the more common Americanized spellings of McMeans include McMeen, McMinn, McMinis, McMinds, McMiney, and McMinnis.

As a result, all of the various spellings of the McMeans surname have developed over time to become distinct variations. Although they all share a common ancestor, they are distinctively different in terms of usage. As such, members of the McMeans clan can trace their lineage back knowing that their surname is steeped in an ancient history.

Famous people with the name McMeans

  • Will McMeans: American actor and producer
  • Ryan McMeans: NFL player who played for the Indianapolis Colts
  • Cadence McMeans: American country and pop singer
  • Julian McMeans: former NFL player
  • Justin McMeans: Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher
  • Tyler McMeans: professional basketball player who played in the NBA
  • Patrick McMeans: Olympic athlete who competed in the swim events
  • Lauren McMeans: actor, guest starring in popular series such as Mad Men, Bones, Friends, and Grey’s Anatomy
  • Christopher McMeans: professional golfer who won the European Tour
  • David McMeans: retired American football defensive lineman

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