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Surname McMeekin - Meaning and Origin

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McMeekin: What does the surname McMeekin mean?

The surname McMeekin is of Scottish origin. It is derived from the Gaelic name Mac Miadhachain, in which "Mac" denotes "son of" and "Miadhachan" signifies "honorable." Thus, the literal translation of McMeekin is "Son of the Honorable One". The name is primarily associated with individuals hailing from the Western Isles, particularly the area of Argyllshire. As with many ancient Scottish names, several variations exist, such as McMeeking, McMeekan, etc. Noteworthy, while McMeekin is more frequently found in Scotland, it is not uncommon in other parts of the world due to migration, particularly in Ulster, Northern Ireland.

McMeekin: Where does the name McMeekin come from?

The surname McMeekin is of Scottish origin. The name is derived from the Gaelic elements "Mac" (meaning "son of") and "Miadhachain" (a diminutive form of "miadhach" meaning "honorable"). It was first found in Argyllshire (Gaelic erra Ghaidheal), the region of western Scotland corresponding roughly with the ancient Kingdom of Dál Riata.

Today, the name McMeekin is most prominent in the United Kingdom, particularly Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the United States and Canada, the surname has also been found due to immigration patterns. The spelling variations of this surname include: McMeekin, McMeeken, McMeikan, McMeekan, McMeeking, and others. These variations can be mostly found in Scotland and other areas of the United Kingdom, but also in countries where Scottish diaspora settled, including parts of North America, Australia, and New Zealand. However, it is still not very common and is considered a reasonably rare surname.

Variations of the surname McMeekin

The surname McMeekin originates from Scotland and is a derivation of the old Gaelic "MacMiadhachain", translated as "the son of the honourable one". It's primarily found in areas of Southern Scotland and Northern Ireland. The spelling of this surname can vary greatly due to factors such as phonetic spellings, translation between languages, and changes over time.

Some of the known variants for McMeekin include McMeeken, McMeekan, McMeakin, McMeeking, and McMeekings. Other versions of this surname sometimes drop the "Mc" prefix, resulting in variants such as Meekin, Meekins, Meakin, and Meakins.

The surname can also be found with the "Mac" prefix, as in MacMeekin, MacMeakin, MacMeekan, and MacMeeken. Occasionally, the "a" in the name is substituted with an "o", leading to spellings like McMeekon or MacMeekon.

These variations can all be considered related to the same root Gaelic surname, providing a range of possibilities when researching genealogy or historical records relating to this surname.

Famous people with the name McMeekin

  • Eamon McMeekin: Australian actor born in 1985 who starred in the TV series Underbelly and has appeared in many short films.
  • Shelby McMeekin: Canadian writer who has written several books, including the novel “Of Blood and Sorrow”.
  • Barry McMeekin: British actor with roles in films such as The World’s End and The Inbetweeners Movie.
  • Rhys McMeekin: Australian soccer player who has played for clubs such as South Melbourne and RPC Lions in the National Premier Leagues Victoria.
  • Cameron McMeekin: Professional rugby player who has played for teams such as the Leinster Lions and Brisbane City.
  • Alexandra McMeekin: Scottish actress with roles in feature films such as The Last Kingdom and Frontier.
  • Jean McMeekin: British author best known for her children’s novel Hetty Feather.
  • Alice McMeekin: Australian author with novels such as The Waiting Room and The Ghost of Me.
  • Heather McMeekin: American singer-songwriter who has released several albums,including “The Red Continent”.
  • Marc McMeekin: Scottish actor with roles in popular films such as Trainspotting 2 and BBC drama The War of the Worlds.

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