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Surname McNall - Meaning and Origin

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McNall: What does the surname McNall mean?

The surname McNall is of Irish origin and could be a derivative of two possible names: either 'Mac an Fhail' meaning 'son of the poor man,' or 'Mac Con Uladh' meaning 'son of the hound of Ulster'. Both names reflect the Gaelic tradition of patronymics, where a child's surname was derived from the father's or grandfather's name or occupation, often prefixed with 'Mac' meaning 'son of'. It is also possible that different branches of the McNall family name originated independently from these separate sources. Like many Irish surnames, McNall may have various spellings such as McAnall, McNaul, McAnaul, McNull, and others, due to the phonetic transcription of Gaelic names into English. The surname McNall may be found throughout Ireland, although it is more commonly found in the north. This surname was first found in County Clare (Irish: An Clár) located on the west coast of Ireland in the province of Munster, where the McNall family held a family seat from ancient times.

McNall: Where does the name McNall come from?

The surname McNall is of Irish origin. It is an Anglicised version of the Gaelic name "Mac an Fhailghigh," which translates to "son of the poor man." This surname dates back to a time when Ireland was divided into kingdoms, and tribal affiliations determined a person's personal and political affiliations. Over time, many Irish surnames were Anglicised, especially under British rule in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Despite this surname's origins, the majority of individuals with the McNall surname today are found in the United States, particularly in New York, Michigan, and California according to US census data, and also in Canada. However, it remains relatively uncommon, ranking 32,892nd in the US and 37,529th in Canada for surname popularity. Therefore, it is not particularly common in any specific region or country. The name is also found, but is rather rare, in England, Australia and Ireland.

Variations of the surname McNall

The surname McNall is of Irish origin and has various spellings, reflecting its Gaelic roots. It is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name "Mac Conaill" which means "son of Conaill".

Variants and alternate spellings include: McAnall, McEnall, McInall, MacNall, MacAnall, MacEnall, MacInall, McAnaul, McInaul, MacAnaul, and MacInaul. The prefix “Mc” or “Mac” in these names both mean "son of," leading to variation in usage.

The surname can also be found without the typical Irish prefixes, resulting in forms such as Nall, Anall, Enall, and Inall.

Other possible variants include MacConnell, McConnell, MacConall, and McConall due to phonetic similarities and regional dialectal differences in the original Gaelic.

These names may also have further variations due to historical transcription errors, geographical differences or family-specific alterations. It is important to consider all these possibilities when researching family history or tracing genealogy, as records may use different versions of the same original name.

Famous people with the name McNall

  • Bruce McNall: former majority owner of the Los Angeles Kings National Hockey League franchise
  • Larry McNall: former publisher of The New York Times
  • Leonard McNall: American soldier who received a Medal of Honor
  • Paul McNall: former defensive lineman in the Canadian Football League
  • Doug McNall: American singer-songwriter and composer
  • Jean Mary McNall: American author
  • Jonathan McNall: American actor
  • Donald McNall: American animator
  • John McNall: former President of the Royal Art Society of Canada
  • Edmund McNall: American football player

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