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Surname Meader - Meaning and Origin

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Meader: What does the surname Meader mean?

The surname Meader is of Anglo-Saxon origin, indicative of an ancient profession related to the production of alcoholic beverages. It's derived from the Old English term "meodo", which translates to "mead", a drink made from fermented honey and water.

People bearing the Meader surname were likely associated with the process of brewing mead during medieval times, either as a mead maker or seller. Thus, the surname falls under the category of occupational surnames - names that denote the job a person does.

Over the years, the spelling of the surname has undergone several variations, and it can be found as Meader, Mead, Meade, and Mede, among others. The Meader name has spread beyond its English origin to other parts of the world, carried by immigrants and generations of family lines.

Keep in mind that surname meanings can change over time and may not accurately describe every individual with the last name today.

Meader: Where does the name Meader come from?

The surname Meader is of English origin. It is an occupational name derived from the Old English words "mead" and "er," which translate to "person associated with mead." Therefore, it was commonly associated with individuals who brewed or sold mead, a type of alcoholic beverage created from honey.

Specifically, it is believed to have originated from southwestern England, more precisely from the counties of Devon and Somerset. The first recorded instance of this surname is found in Dorset to one Peter le Medere, dated 1332.

Today, the surname is found in countries that have strong historical connections with the United Kingdom due to colonization, migration, and other historical ties. These include the United States, Canada, Australia, and of course, the UK itself. While it is not an extremely common surname, it is still in use in these countries. Among them, the United States appears to have a significant number of people carrying the Meader surname due to historical migration patterns, especially in New England, owing to the region's early British colonists.

Variations of the surname Meader

The surname Meader has an assortment of variants and spellings which can be traced back to different periods and regions. Its various spellings include Mead, Meade, Meads, Meades, Meadow, Meadows, Meader, Mether, and Medder among others. The surname also appears as a compound surname like Mead-Hunt and Mead-Briggs.

Most of these names have been influenced by regional dialects, Old English language and dictation errors. For example, Mead or Meade, derived from Old English “meadow”, was a topographic name for someone who lived by a meadow. Meader, meanwhile, likely originated from the Middle English term 'medere', referring to someone who mowed.

Additionally, similar-sounding European surnames like Meder (German), Méder (Hungarian), and Médaer (French) could potentially have the same root.

However, keep in mind that although these surnames sound similar and could have related origins, they may not necessarily share the same lineage as the surname 'Meader’. Without a detailed genealogical investigation, it is hard to conclusively say if they have emanated from the same ancestors. The surname is more than just a name; its variations represent a rich tapestry of historical, geographical, and cultural contexts.

Famous people with the name Meader

  • Joe Meade: American actor, writer, and playwright.
  • Buzzy Meade: comedian and actor, known for his role in the film "Frat House Massacre."
  • Mary Meade: American actress, known for her work in "Gone with the Wind" and "My Little Lady".
  • Ron Meade: Thoroughbred horse racing trainer from California.
  • Barbara Meade: author, bookseller, and co-owner of Politics and Prose book store in Washington, D.C.
  • Charlie Meade: Football coach who served as the head coach of the Michigan State University Spartans.
  • Tony Meade: American football coach who is currently the head coach of the Tennessee State University Tigers.
  • John Meade DE-American politician who served as a member of the Delaware House of Representatives.
  • Kitty Meade: Canadian politician who served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.
  • Jim Meade: American hall of fame jockey who won the Kentucky Derby four times.

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