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Surname Means - Meaning and Origin

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Means: What does the surname Means mean?

The surname Means is of Scottish origin, derived from the Old Norman personal name "Maghan", and it's Anglicized as "Mayne." This name was brought to Britain after the Norman conquest in 1066. The addition of 's' conveys "son of," making the literal translation "son of Mayne". The surname also has roots in Ireland, where it evolved from the Gaelic "O'Midhigh," meaning "Mayne’s descendant." As a result, it is widely found in areas with a strong Scots-Irish influence. Since surnames often link to occupations or locations, Means could also refer to a person who lived or worked near a common, open grazing area. It's important to note that surnames can have multiple origins and spread over time, acquiring different meanings in different cultures and languages. The specific meaning can only be accurately determined by tracing back the lineage of an individual bearing the last name.

Means: Where does the name Means come from?

The surname Means is of Irish origin. It is derived from the Gaelic name "O'Midhne", which means "descendant of Midhne". The surname was first found in County Westmeath, in the Irish Midlands, where they held a family seat from ancient times.

Over time, family members emigrated to other parts of the world. In the United States, for instance, an early immigrant with the name, John Means, arrived in New Hampshire in 1718, and the surname has been fairly common in America since then. Today, people with the last name Means can still be found in significant numbers in the United States, particularly in states like California, Texas, Ohio, and South Carolina.

The internet surname database also states that the surname means 'The dweller by the common land', from pre 7th century English origins.

However, it is also worth noting that every country may have a different historical background for the surname Means.

Variations of the surname Means

The surname Means, mainly prevalent in the United States and of Irish origin, has several variations and spellings based on geographical locations, translations, and dialects. Some of the variants include Mean, Meane, Meaney, Meany, Meehan, and O'Meehan.

Alternately, the surname could be of Scottish descent from the Gaelic name "Méadhán," which translates to "middle," indicating a person living in the middle of two places. In this case, spellings such as Meen, Mene, and Mien might be discovered.

The surname could potentially occur as a metonym for the occupation of a weigher or a public official responsible for ensuring fair trade, known as a 'minter' or 'moneyer.' In that case, variations like Minns, Minnis, Minors, Minni, and Minhinnett are possible.

On the other hand, the surname could derive from Meon, a place in Normandy, in which case variants like de Meones, Demaynes, or de Meons might exist.

The diversity in name variants signifies the multifaceted origin history of the surname Means. Be aware that, as is often the case with surnames, several variants might be more prevalent than others depending on the region and local name conventions.

Famous people with the name Means

  • Larry Means: Larry Means is a former American football running back who played three seasons with the San Diego Chargers of the National Football League.
  • Mary Caldrone Means: Mary Caldrone Means is a Broadway, Off-Broadway, and television actress who is well known for her roles on such television shows as Law & Order, Third Watch, and 24.
  • Phil Means: Phil Means is a former professional baseball player who pitched in the Major League Baseball for the Seattle Mariners in 1983.
  • Elijah Means: Elijah Means is a professional basketball player who currently plays for the South Bay Lakers of the NBA G League.
  • David Means: David Means is an American novelist, short story writer, and editor. He is the author of four collections of stories, and two books of poetry.
  • Doug Means: Doug Means is a former American Football tight end who played five seasons in the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • John Means: John Means is a current American Major League Baseball pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles. He was named an All-Star Game selection in 2019.
  • Austin Means: Austin Means is an American Film director, screenwriter, and producer. He is best known for developing and directing several web series.
  • Sherman Means: Sherman Means is a former American football tight end who played one season in the National Football League with the New York Jets.
  • Abbey Means: Abbey Means is an American costume designer and former actress. She is best known for her work on the films ‘American Beauty’ and ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

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