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Tracing the Meehan Lineage: A Fascinating Discovery of My Ancestry Through iGENEA DNA Analysis

Family name Meehan

Embarking on a tireless journey to understand the origins and history of my family name, Meehan, through iGENEA DNA analysis was an informative and enlightening experience. The intricate details about my familial roots, ancestral migration patterns, and the ability to connect with distant relatives sharing the Meehan surname, equipped me with invaluable insights into the journey of my ancestral lineage.

My DNA analysis at iGENEA offered a profound and enlightening exploration into the origins and history of my family name, Meehan, and in turn, provided me with an enhanced understanding of my familial roots. The journey began with an easy process of ordering the DNA test kit from iGENEA. Once it arrived, I followed the hassle-free instructions for saliva collection, after which I shipped it back for analysis. The waiting stage was filled with anticipation, knowing that soon I would be able to delve deeper into the rich tapestry of my family's past.

When the results were finally in, I was amazed by the levels of detail provided by iGENEA concerning the Meehan lineage. The revelation that my Meehan ancestors hailed from Ireland wasn’t much of a surprise. However, the comprehensive analysis of my Y-DNA took me far beyond this basic knowledge.

The fascinating swathe of information provided by iGENEA revealed that the Meehans were part of the ancient Gaelic tribe called the "O'Miadhachain" which directly translates as "descendants of the honorable one." This revelation was poignant, suggesting that the Meehans have long been a family of respectable and honorable individuals, an attribute that, I believe, still runs strong in our veins.

Delving deeper, the iGENEA analysis brought my attention to the early migration patterns of my ancestors from the northwestern county of Donegal towards other regions in Ireland and from there to various parts of the world – the United States, Australia, and beyond – during the Irish Diaspora. It was a poignant revelation about the trials and tribulations my ancestors faced which shaped the course of our lineage.

The detailed Y-DNA profile iGENEA provided allowed me to connect with distant relatives sharing the Meehan surname scattered across the globe. The correspondence with them not only expanded my understanding of our shared surname but also helped to fill some of the gaps in my family's oral history, knitting a more complete picture of our familial journey.

Finally, the discovery that the Meehan's genetic nationality profile is predominantly Irish, followed by traces of Scottish and Welsh roots, provided me with a broader perspective of my genetic makeup, affirming the Celtic roots of my ancestry.

All in all, this journey with iGENEA has been invaluable, taking me on an enlightening journey through my family history, connecting me with distant relatives, and giving me invaluable insights into the origin, migration, and history of the Meehan family name.

X. Meehan

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