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Surname Meekins - Meaning and Origin

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Meekins: What does the surname Meekins mean?

Meekins is an English surname with multiple possible origins. One theory suggests that it is a patronymic surname derived from a diminutive of the given name Maccus or Meck, thus could mean "son of Maccus or Meck". Another theory indicates it may have evolved from the Hebrew name Micah, which means "who is like God". As with many surnames, the spelling evolved over time with changes in language and pronunciation, resulting in a range of variations including Meekin, Mekin, Mekins, and Meakin. The surname may also be associated with geographical locations such as Meakin, a place in Staffordshire, England. So, the meaning of the surname Meekins could vary based on its origin, but it generally reflects an association to a personal name or a geographical location. As it stands today, Meekins is a relatively rare surname and can be found in different parts of the world especially in English-speaking countries.

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Meekins: Where does the name Meekins come from?

The surname Meekins is of English origin, specifically from the medieval period. It is derived from a nickname for a humble or mild person, originating from the Middle English word "meek" or "meeke," meaning gentle or humble. The name also has a patronymic element ("-ins") which typically denoted "son of," suggesting a translation like "son of the meek one."

As for its prevalence today, it's more commonly found in the United States and England. Genealogical data suggests the name has a strong presence in states like North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland in the U.S. The surname is less widespread when reviewed on a global scale but is also found in Canada, Australia, and Scotland. Despite its historical roots in England, it is not a common surname in the present era, ranking outside the top 1000 most common surnames in England and Wales according to recent data.

Variations of the surname Meekins

The surname Meekins is of English origin and likely derived from the personal name Meeke, meaning humble or modest. It is a patronymic surname signified by the ending "-ins", which means "child of". This surname has several variants and spelling transformations that have evolved over the years due to regional accents, varying literacy levels, and immigration.

Variants and alternative spellings for the surname Meekins include Meek, Meakin, Mekins, Meakin's, Meekans, Meakinis, Meekenes, Meeking, and Meakins. The presence of both "-ins" and "-ing" endings suggest that these surnames have a similar root but developed slightly differently over time.

Surnames such as Meeking and Meakins are very close and usually found in the same areas as Meekins, specifically in the English counties of Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.

The surnames Mackin or Makins could also potentially be connected to Meekins, though it's less likely and might be a stretch. An Americanized version of the surname might be Meehan, which is derived from the same root and has a similar pronunciation.

Overall, Meekins and its variants are uncommon surnames, primarily found in England with the highest concentration in the East Midlands region.

Famous people with the name Meekins

  • Artis Meekins: Former NFL wide receiver
  • Jamie Meekins: Actor known for his role in the movie 'Wheeler'
  • Alonzo Meekins: Professional basketball player from the University of South Florida
  • Mark Meekins: Major League Baseball player
  • Ollie Meekins: Former NFL running back
  • Lawrence Meekins: Professional football player
  • Kirk Meekins: Musician, music producer, and radio personality
  • Kenneth Meekins: Former NFL tight end
  • Keith Meekins: Former NFL cornerback
  • John Meekins: Former NFL offensive tackle

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