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Surname Meergans - Meaning and Origin

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Meergans: What does the surname Meergans mean?

The last name Meergans is of German origin and is derived from the word "Mergens" which means "edge of the sea". This surname was likely given to individuals who lived near or around a coastal area.

The name itself means "Meer" which translates to "sea" and "Gans" which means "goose", likely referring to the large flocks of sea birds and geese that are often found along coastal areas. It is also said that this name may be related to the Old Low German word “merke” which means “edge” or "border".

Throughout its history, the Meergan family has branched out across Germany and parts of Europe, particularly regions of The Netherlands and Denmark. It is likely that through their travels, the Meergan name has gained different meanings and implications, particularly in relation to German settlements in the United States. Today, the Meergans are a family of people who are known to be highly ambitious and successful, often with a keen interest in exploring new challenges and opportunities.

No matter where the Meergan name has spread in the world, the name has always represented the same strength and determination that has been associated with it from its beginnings. It remains as a reminder of those who had to live within the edges of the sea, using their perseverance and courage to make their way and carve out a life for themselves and their families in a new land.

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Meergans: Where does the name Meergans come from?

The last name Meergans is most heavily concentrated in the Germanic countries of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, although the name can also be found in France, the Netherlands, and other parts of Europe. This indicates that the name’s roots are likely Germanic in origin. The Meergans family can also be found in several parts of the United States, particularly in the Midwestern states.

American Meergans are likely descendants of early German and Swiss immigrants who settled in America in the 1800s and early 1900s. Others may have emigrated more recently from Germany or elsewhere in Europe, seeking economic opportunities and religious freedom.

In Germany, the Meergans family has a long and proud history. Records indicate that the Meergans name was first recorded in the historic city of Bremen in 1626 and that the family then spread to other parts of the country. Records of Meergans in Austria go back as far as 1755, and the name can also be found in many Swiss records.

Today, the Meergans name can be found across the world, but is still most common in the countries of its origin. Whether they are related to the early Meergans who settled in Germany hundreds of years ago or more recent emigrants from Europe to the US, the Meergans family have made a name for themselves and left a lasting legacy.

Variations of the surname Meergans

The surname Meergans is believed to come from the Dutch Meergeers family and can be variously spelled as Meergans, Meergers, Meergres, Meergers, and Meergress. The name is thought to derive from the old Dutch root word "meer," meaning "lake," and the suffix "-gers" which means "spearman," suggesting an ancestor who lived close to a lake or used it as his fishing grounds or source of reeds.

Variations of the surname Meergans might include Meegens, Meering, Meermeyer, Meermans, Meerner, Meersman, Mergans, Mergers, Merters, Mergersen, Mergess,

Merges, Meters, Metras, Merkies, and Merkels. Some of the phonetically-similar surnames include Mirgans, Meergers, Morsen, Murkins, Murgens, Myergaas, and Muggens.

Additionally, the surname can be commonly be found in Dutch, German, and Belgian rare name books and documents, as well as in the United States in the early 19th century.

Meergans is often seen in its anglicized form as Miersen, Mierson, Meerson, Meersen, Miergan, Meergs, Miersons, Meerges, Marrson, and Marsons. These names are more common in the English-speaking world where the original spelling has been changed to accommodate language norms.

The Meergan family name is believed to be quite rare, with fewer than 200 people who bear the name recorded in the United States in the 2020 census. It is believed to have originated near the city of Zedelgem in West Flanders, Belgium, before its bearers immigrated to the United States in the early 19th century. This early Dutch name has been changed in many ways over the centuries and continues to be found in various forms not only in the United States but also throughout Europe.

Famous people with the name Meergans

  • Riley Meergans: Riley Meergans is an American actor known for her roles in the films Subversion and Open 24 Hours. Her TV credits include appearances in Frasier, Charmed, and Airwolf.
  • Bill Meergans: Bill Meergans is a former Australian football player and coach. He played primarily as a goalkeeper for the Victorian Premier League, before transitioning to coaching young teams.
  • Len Meergans: Len Meergans is a former politician and professional fiddle player in the United States. He served as a state representative in Michigan for eight years and was awarded the National Old Time Fiddlers Hall of Fame Award for lifetime achievement.
  • Allen Meergans: Allen Meergans is a retired American boxer and softball player. He competed professionally as a welterweight boxer and was a member of the United States Amateur Softball Association.
  • Peggy Meergans: Peggy Meergans is an American actress and writer. Her credits include roles in films such as Speed Race and Flagstone Native, as well as television shows such as Law & Order SVU and Seven Days. She also wrote the short film Marlo.
  • Charles Meergans: Charles Meergans is an American chef and restauranteur. He is the owner of popular eateries in Arizona such as Meergan's Gourmet Pizza House and the Meergan's Tap and Grill.
  • George Meergans: George Meergans is a contemporary sculptor from the United States. He has exhibited his work in galleries across the country and is acclaimed for his large-scale outdoor sculptures.

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