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Surname Mefferd - Meaning and Origin

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Mefferd: What does the surname Mefferd mean?

The last name Mefferd is thought to be of German or Dutch origin. It derived from the name “Merfarth” which was a location in Germany. The word “Merfarth” is believed to be a combination of an Old German word for “settlement” and an Old German name for “horn” or “hill.” The meaning of the surname has likely evolved over time, but historically it is likely to have implied someone from a settlement near a hill.

In modern times, the Mefferd surname is found primarily in the United States and Germany. It is relatively uncommon, with the most common variation being “Merner.” In most cases, people with this name origin hail from southwestern or rural area’s of Germany and the United States. The name is likely to have been changed to Mefferd when immigrants from these areas of the world moved to other countries, particularly the United States.

The Mefferd family is likely to have a heritage and history steeped in strong work ethics, respect for labor, and conservative values. People with the Mefferd surname are likely to exemplify these values in their own lives.

Mefferd: Where does the name Mefferd come from?

The surname Mefferd is a patronymic (derived from the first name of a father or ancestor) of German origin. The modern spelling of the name often appears as Möffert, Möferd, Mofferd, Monferd, and Monferrato. It is believed to be derived from the Middle High German term mofaz meaning “son of a noble” and the archaic term ferd, meaning ‘journey or journeyman’ and was used to describe skilled workers and artisans who traveled to other regions to seek work during the Middle Ages, when the name was first recorded in its current spelling.

The surname Mefferd is most common in central and western Germany especially in the Rhineland, Bavaria, Thuringia, and Brandenburg and has spread to other parts of Europe including the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States, where it is still present in many states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Washington.

Given its early German roots, it is likely that the surname can also be found in many other countries with large German-speaking populations, such as Canada, Australia, Argentina, and Brazil.

In the United States, the Mefferd name is still relatively common, particularly in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan, although it is also to be found in other states. It is likely that, like many American families, the Mefferds have relatives scattered across the nation and even around the world.

Variations of the surname Mefferd

The surname Mefferd is of German origin, and there are several variants in spelling and surnames of a similar origin to be found.

The spelling ‘Mefferd’ is a modern variant of the older German spelling ‘Meifferdt’, and some common variations include Meffert, Mefert, Meiferdt and Mehffert. These variations have descended from the old German spelling, and are likely to have developed over time as part of the migration from Europe to America and other locations.

The most common surname of similar origin is Mefford. This could be an Americanized version of the German spelling, but could also have originated independently in the United States. Other variants include Mafford, Mefferts, Mengers, Mafferts, Messers and Mewers.

Other variations of a similar origin that have been recorded include Mafford, Maufford, Mufford, Mefort and Maufert. These names have at times been combined together, such as ‘Mauffersdinck’, a variant found in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

Although it is unlikely that all of these surnames are directly related, their similar spellings and origin mean that the likelihood of a shared family history among them cannot be ruled out. It is likely that further research of records from before Europe’s migration period would be needed to determine the full scope of variations stemming from the original surname of Mefferd.

Famous people with the name Mefferd

  • Lisa Mefferd: singer/songwriter and guitar player.
  • Richard Mefferd: professional runner.
  • Brandy Mefferd: actress and playwright.
  • David Mefferd: professional baseball player.
  • Andrew Mefferd: culinary chemist and cookbook author.
  • Mike Mefferd: professional photographer.
  • Ashley Mefferd: professional figure skater.
  • Hillary Mefferd: fashion model.
  • Brooke Mefferd: fashion designer.
  • Patrick Mefferd: reality TV star.
  • William Mefferd: doctor and author.
  • Monica Mefferd: musician and composer.
  • Alex Mefferd: TV and radio producer.
  • Christopher Mefferd: major league baseball scout.
  • Marissa Mefferd: professional figure skater.
  • Jennifer Mefferd: actress and television host.
  • Elizabeth Mefferd: musician and artistic director.
  • Brian Mefferd: graphic artist and filmmaker.
  • Ryan Mefferd: documentary filmmaker.
  • Jon Mefferd: actor and director.

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