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Surname Meiland - Meaning and Origin

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Meiland: What does the surname Meiland mean?

The last name Meiland is of Dutch origin and is derived from the medieval given name "Meling". It is believed to be a patronymic—a surname derived from the given name of a father or ancestor—name of low Germanic or Flemish origin. The first known recorded bearer of the name Meiland was Johannes Meling, who lived in Amsterdam in 1547.

The name could have also been derived from the Dutch word "meiland" which means bog or marshland. This origin often symbolizes strength and perseverance as it reflects those who endured difficult living conditions and developed a deep connection to the earth.

In the present day, the name Meiland is particularly well-known in the Netherlands. The family owns and operates a dairy farm in the Dutch town of Groesbeek. Their farm, Meiland-Koornneef, is the largest independent producer of organic farm products in the country.

Throughout time the Meiland surname and associated coat of arms have become symbols of grace and loyalty. This is often reflected in people with the surname living upright, moral lives. Today, the Meiland name stands for untiring commitment to future generations, resilience, and a deep commitment to one's family and traditions.

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Meiland: Where does the name Meiland come from?

The last name Meiland is most common in the Netherlands, specifically in the Dutch province of Gelderland. It is also found in some parts of Germany, Belgium, and France. According to MyHeritage, Meiland is the 589th most common surname in the Netherlands as of 2020. In Belgium, it is the 37,937th most common surname, in Germany the 78,178th most, and in France the 39,571st most common surname.

Meiland is thought to be derived from the old Germanic name Meilind or Meelond and to come from the Old Saxon word “meiland” meaning “modest, humble”. It is believed to have become a surname originating in the Netherlands in the late medieval period and was most likely used to differentiate between individuals of similar names.

The earliest known historical records of the Meiland name in the Netherlands date back to 1507, when Aert van Meelend was noted in the civil registry of the city of Utrecht. In the late 1500’s, several Meiland families, such as Evert van Meiland and Elsje Hendrick van Meerland, lived in Harderwijk, a small Dutch city located on the Veluwe river. Since then, the Meiland name has spread throughout the Netherlands and into other European countries.

Variations of the surname Meiland

The surname Meiland is a locational surname of German origin. It is derived from any of the many places in Germany named Meiland or Mehland. These place names are derived from the German words 'mahil', meaning 'marsh', and 'land', meaning 'land'. Variants of this surname include Mehland, Mehland, Marland, Meland, Milland, and Mühlend.

Spellings of Meiland are often altered due to dialectal changes relating to the original pronunciation. For example, some variants (such as Millend) are phonetically closer to the original pronunciation from German. Variants and spellings can also depend on the country of origin and the ethnicity of the person carrying the name.

Some common surnames related to Meiland are Meulendijk, Meilander, Maaland, Meijlander, and Milander. These all stem from the same root of Meiland, but through the passage of time have evolved slightly to become different surnames in their own right.

While Meiland is a surname predominantly associated with German origin, the surname and its variants can be found in many other countries and cultures across the world. It is likely that these variants have come about through migration and intermingling of different cultures and peoples.

Famous people with the name Meiland

  • Martien Meiland: Dutch television presenter and actor.
  • Tabitha Meiland: Dutch TV personality and singer.
  • Johan Meiland: Dutch TV personality, entrepreneur and professional tourer.
  • André Meiland: Dutch politician and former leader of the Christian Democratic Appeal.
  • Maarten Meiland: Dutch actor and director.
  • André Meiland: Dutch engineer and businessman.
  • Maaike Meiland: Dutch television presenter.
  • Jan Meiland: Retired Dutch professional footballer and coach.
  • Mariska Meiland: Dutch writer, coach, therapist and radio host.
  • Jacob Meiland: Dutch semi-professional footballer.
  • Lambert Meiland: Dutch nobleman and merchant.
  • Henricus Meiland: Dutch theologian and controversialist.
  • Jan-Kees Meiland: Dutch musician and producer.
  • Jacobus Meiland: Dutch botanist, mineralogist and geologist.
  • Maria Meiland: Dutch painter and printmaker.
  • Frans Meiland: Dutch sculptor and painter.
  • Cornelis Meiland: Dutch pharmacist and inventor.
  • Gijsbert Meiland: Dutch military historian and author.

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