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Surname Meisels - Meaning and Origin

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Meisels: What does the surname Meisels mean?

The last name Meisels is a Jewish name of German origins, from which it derived its current spelling. It is also known as Meisl, Meisel, and Meiseles, and may have had a variety of meanings. The general sense of the name is 'guardian or ranger', possibly referring to an occupation such as the military or law enforcement. Alternatively, the name could have been derived from the German word meiseln, meaning to cut, which could have been an occupation in the past that evolved into the surname.

It is believed that families of this name originated in the German states of Baden, Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, and Austria to name a few, during the 16th and 17th centuries. The Meisels may have migrated to other areas of Europe, the United States, and even as far as Israel and Africa during this period. In modern times, the number of Meisels living in Europe has significantly declined, yet the surname still enjoys a widely spread presence in terms of its global population.

Today, the Meisels are mostly found living in the United States, Israel, and other parts of northwest Europe, including the United Kingdom and Netherlands. This may be attributed to the mass emigration of Jews who left Germany for safety and financial security during the Holocaust. No matter their location, the name Meisels carries a strong reputation throughout the world for its prestigious history and powerful legacy.

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Meisels: Where does the name Meisels come from?

The last name Meisels is most commonly found today in the countries of Austria, Germany and Poland. It is also found in the United States particularly in Eastern states, though it is not as popular as it is European countries.

The surname is of Ashkenazi Jewish origin, deriving from the Hebrew messianic term. The name is a patronymic, meaning it comes from the name of a father or ancestor, and was most likely created by the first person to bear the name.

Despite its Jewish roots, Meisels is also found among the general European population, as the name is often given to non-Jews in Central and Eastern European countries. This may be because of its traditional, Hebrew-sounding appeal.

Varying spellings of the name have developed throughout its use in different parts of the world. Some variants include Meisel, Meiseles, Meiselsbacher and Maissel.

In the United States, the patronymic of Meisels is especially common in the Northeast, particularly New York City. According to surname databases, most Meisels in the country today originate from four ancestral families who arrived in the early 19th century.

Overall, the surname bears a strong presence in many countries, although its prominence may have diminished over the years. However, the surname is still strongly connected to its Jewish origins, and serves as a reminder of the Jewish people's long and culturally-rich history.

Variations of the surname Meisels

The surname Meisels is of Ashkenazic Jewish origin and is believed to be derived from the Hebrew word me-yosel which means ‘from Joseph’. The various spelling and surname variants related to Meisels include Meisel, Meisenn, Meisler, Meissen, Maisel, Meizel, Meysel, Mezler, Mezsel, and Mizel.

The surname Meisel was originally a nickname taken on by individuals whose given names were 'Yosel', which is the Yiddish form of the Hebrew name 'Joseph'. Jews in Eastern European countries, such as the Ukraine, Germany and Czech Republic, commonly adopted this surname as their own.

The various spelling and surname variants might appear to be completely different surnames, but they often refer to the same family surname. For example, the Meisler surname can be found amongst families who are related to the Meisel family. Similarly, the Maisel, which is a German variation of the Jewish name Meisel, is an alternate spelling for the same family.

Additionally, the Meisel surname has evolved into numerous other surnames including Meizner, Meizel, Meisen, Meisier, Meislev, Meisner, Meissener, Meizner, Meysel and Meysner. These surnames are often encountered in records of Eastern European countries such as Poland, Hungary, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

In conclusion, the surname Meisels has numerous variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include Meisel, Meisenn, Meisler, Meissen, Maisel, Meizel, Meysel, Mezler, Mezsel, and Mizel. In addition, the surname Meisels can also be found in other Eastern European countries as different surname variants such as Meizner and Meiser or Maisel and Meysel.

Famous people with the name Meisels

  • Shoshana Meisels: Israeli author
  • Schmeryl Meisels: American professional wrestler
  • Shmuel Meisels: Israeli composer and singer
  • Chaim Meisels: Israeli composer and musician
  • Robert Meisels: American film producer
  • David Meisels: Israeli sculptor
  • Ahron Meisels: Austrian-Canadian sculptor
  • Chana Meisels: Polish-Israeli author
  • Marty Meisels: American biomedical engineer
  • Yankele Meisels: Polish-Israeli singer

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