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Surname Mejia - Meaning and Origin

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S. Mejia

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Mejia: What does the surname Mejia mean?

Mejia is a surname of Spanish origin and it comes from a place name in the Basque country, Northern Spain. The word itself is derived from the Basque elements "me" meaning "more" and "aia" meaning "slope or hill". As such, it can be roughly translated to "further up the hill" or "higher part of the hill". It is especially prevalent in Latin America due to the region's history of Spanish colonization. It is important to note that surnames often migrated from one country to another as people moved for various reasons, thus their meanings may slightly differ or evolve across cultures and time. So, any interpretation of the meaning should be taken within its cultural and historical context.

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Mejia: Where does the name Mejia come from?

The last name Mejía is of Spanish origin. It is believed to be derived from the Spanish name for a village in the province of Burgos, Spain, which is also called Mejía. The naming practice in Spain often revolves around geographical locations, and hence, the people living in or near the village probably started using Mejía as their surname.

Over time, as people migrated, the surname spread to other regions and eventually crossed continents. Today, Mejía is a common surname in many Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. The name is prevalent in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and El Salvador. In addition, due to Spanish colonization and migration, the name is also found in the Philippines.

Despite being Spanish in origin, it is less common in Spain today, especially when compared to its ubiquity in Latin America. This distribution pattern is a reflection of both historical migration patterns and the modern-day demographics of Spanish speakers worldwide. As with all surnames, the presence of Mejía in a given region does not necessarily signify Spanish lineage or ancestry, as names can change for any number of reasons, including marriage and adoption.

Variations of the surname Mejia

The surname Mejia is Spanish in origin. It is derived from the old Spanish occupational surname "Mejías" which originally meant "egg-collector". Mejia is also commonly found in Latin America, particularly in countries like Mexico, Colombia, and Honduras.

There are several different spelling variants of the surname Mejia. These can include Meija, Mejiá, Mejías, and Mejica. Despite the variant spellings, they all have the same meaning and origin. Regarding associated surnames, since it is an occupational name, any surnames that are related to occupations concerned with the collection or sale of eggs could potentially be considered related.

However, it's important to note that surnames can vary greatly even within the same country. Sometimes, a surname is adopted or changed due to various factors like immigration, localization, or simply personal preference. Therefore, while Mejía and its variants are similar in their origin, they might have different connotations or associations depending on the individual or family.

Famous people with the name Mejia

  • Jefferson Mejía, Colombian footballer.
  • Mejia Peralta, Dominican Republic former President.
  • Oscar Mejía Víctores, Guatemalan military leader.
  • Sofía Mejía, Colombian actress.
  • Enrique Mejía González, Mexican musician.
  • Edgar Mejía, Mexican singer and composer.
  • Viviana Mejía, Argentinian pianist.
  • Aurora Mejía, Costa Rican model and actress.
  • Esteban Mejía Camacho, Honduran legislator and diplomat.
  • Fabiola Mejía, Venezuelan journalist.
  • Carlos Mejía Godoy, Nicaraguan songwriter and singer.
  • Ferdinand G. Mejía, Panamanian businessman and politician.
  • Ricardo Mejía, Colombian bantamweight boxer.
  • Javier Mejía, Costa Rican tico drummer.
  • Isaac Mejía, Mexican-American boxer.
  • Reina Mejía, Peruvian singer.
  • Gustavo Mejía Ricart, Dominican lawyer and politician.
  • Luis López Mejía, Mexican director and screenwriter.
  • Gloria Mejía Cerda, Ecuadorian poet and dramaturg.
  • Glenda Mejía Corrales, Salvadoran human rights lawyer and activist.

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