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Surname Mercado - Meaning and Origin

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The Recalibration of Identity: A Personal Journey into My Mercado Heritage Through iGENEA DNA Test

Discovering my Mercado heritage through a iGENEA DNA test was a transformative journey. The DNA test not only unveiled my hitherto unknown roots but also instilled an inherent sense of belonging. The knowledge that my surname was more than a tag, that it held historical significance, resulting in a seismic shift in my perception of self and identity.

A. Mercado

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Mercado: What does the surname Mercado mean?

The surname Mercado is of Spanish origin and it literally translates to 'market' in English. It is believed to be an occupational name for a merchant or someone who worked in a market. This surname is common in Spain and Latin American countries attributable to the Spanish colonization. Like many surnames that originated from professions, the use of Mercado as a last name likely started to differentiate individuals with the same first name, its usage indicating towards someone who works in or owns a market. Even today, it remains prevalent in Hispanic cultures with notable individuals in entertainment, politics, sports, and other fields bearing this surname.

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Mercado: Where does the name Mercado come from?

The surname Mercado is of Spanish origin, derived from the Spanish word 'mercado' which means a market. It is believed to have been a name used by traders or those involved in the marketplace, thus signifying an occupational surname. Mercado is common in Hispanic communities worldwide, due to Spanish colonialism and migration patterns. Today, it is particularly prevalent in countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. In the United States, it is common among Hispanic populations, specifically in states like California, Texas, and Florida which have a high population of Hispanics. The surname also has a significant presence in other parts of Latin America including countries like Colombia and Peru.

Variations of the surname Mercado

The surname Mercado has Spanish origins. In English, it translates to "market". It was often used to reference those involved in the sales or trade business. It is a fairly common Hispanic surname, especially in Spain, The Philippines, and Latin America. However, variations of the last name still exist. These may include the spelling variations like Mercadi, Mercadé, Marcado, or Markado. The surname could be or is being used in first names such as Mercadante, which has an Italian origin. Mercadal, a place name in Spain, might be related to Mercado as a locational surname. Other possible variants could be existed because of regional dialects and old ways of spelling, or due to translation and transliteration issues between languages such Latin and Spanish. In some cases, Mercado’s variants could be found in surnames that have semantically similar meaning such as Marcat, Mercater, or Market among others originating from different parts of Europe. It is worth noting that each variant might have developed its own nuanced meanings or associated with diverse family lineages.

Famous people with the name Mercado

  • Luis Fonsi: Puerto Rican Latin Pop Singer
  • Chayanne: Puerto Rican-American Latin Pop Singer
  • Gina Rodriguez: American Actress
  • Mario Mercado: American Basketball Player
  • Carlos Mercado: Mexican-American Actor
  • Yesenia Mercado: Puerto Rican Professional Wrestler
  • Faby Mercado: American Model and Activist
  • Carlos Alberto Mercado: Spanish Footballer
  • Emmanuel Mercado: Dominican Professional Baseball Player
  • Juana Mercado: Mexican Politician
  • Carlos Elpidio Mercado: Peruvian Politician
  • Angela Mercado: Colombian Politician
  • Jorge Mercado: Ecuadorian Musician
  • Pietro Mercado: Brazilian Poet and Historian
  • Chabelo Mercado: Mexican television Presenter
  • Toribio Mercado: Panamanian Footballer
  • Luis Mercado: Uruguayan Footballer
  • Alejandro Mercado: Colombian Actor
  • Marcos Antonio Mercado: Venezuelan Television Presenter
  • Roger Mercado: Puerto Rican Politician and Lawyer

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