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Surname Mesa - Meaning and Origin

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Tracing my Roots: Unraveling the Historic and Cultural Insights of the Mesa Surname through iGENEA DNA Test

My iGENEA DNA test has offered a remarkable voyage into my ancestry, illuminating my familial roots and cultural heritage. I discovered that my surname, Mesa, is rooted in ancient Spain, reflecting geographical attributes and the ethos of the people named after such topography. Tracing back through centuries, my ancestors played a considerable role during the historical period of Reconquista, contributing to the Spanish societal transformation. This exploration deepened my understanding and appreciation of my lineage.

B. Mesa

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Mesa: What does the surname Mesa mean?

The last name Mesa is of Spanish origin and it directly translates to "table" in English. The name was typically given to families who lived on a plateau or flat-topped hill which resembles a table, something that is reflected in its geological term where it describes a raised area with a flat top and steep sides. It can be found in many Spanish-speaking countries including Spain, Mexico, and various countries in South America. Like many surnames, geographical features heavily influenced their creation, so it's likely that the progenitors of the Mesa surname lived in or near such geographical formations. It can also be found as a place name in some areas.

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Mesa: Where does the name Mesa come from?

The surname Mesa comes from the Spanish word for "table", often used topographically to refer to a tableland or plateau, suggesting that the original bearers of the name likely lived or worked on a plateau or high flat area. It is also a noted Sephardic Jewish surname, signifying those who originated from Spain or Portugal.

Today, the surname is immensely popular in Spanish-speaking locales. According to the census data, the largest population of people with the Mesa surname is in Colombia, followed by Cuba and Spain. It is also common in other Latin American countries and in the United States, especially within Hispanic communities. Famous people with the last name ‘Mesa’ include Victor Mesa, a former professional baseball player and coach from Cuba, and Guillermo Mesa, a Colombian actor and comedian.

Variations of the surname Mesa

The surname Mesa is of Spanish origin and means "table" or "altar". Though it is most prevalent as "Mesa," there can be various alternative spellings and variants of this surname depending on the region and language.

In Latin America, the double surname system could result in compounds like "Mesa-Cortez" or "Mesa-Rodriguez." In Portugal, a similar surname is "Mesa", and in Italy, it could be "Messo."

The surname could also be altered depending on the language, as the English equivalent "Table," the French equivalent "Tableau," or the Italian equivalent "Tavola".

However, it's crucial to note that these translations are not exactly the same as the original surname. Some surnames with a similar theme include "Mesa De La Torre" or "Mesa Del Campo."

This surname could connect to names of geographic features or specific landmarks, such as specific tableland or mesa in the area where the person originated.

However, it's essential to consider that family names can shift and change over generations and across different locations. They might modernize or adjust due to marriage, migration, or simply a desire for a variation.

Famous people with the name Mesa

  • Steven Mesa: an American actor known for his starring role in the popular film "Insidious".
  • Martina Mesa: a Spanish contestant on the reality show, Big Brother 21.
  • Max Mesa: a Peruvian professional football player who currently plays for Alianza Lima.
  • Mario Mesa: an Argentinian soccer player and coach, who played in the professional league in the 70s and 80s.
  • Miguel Mesa: a Cuban jazz artist and music producer.
  • Geoconda Arguello-Kline: a reconciliation advocate and union leader who has been the Secretary-Treasurer of the Culinary Workers Union (Local 226) in Las Vegas since 2008.
  • Yvette and Yvonne Mesa: twin American actors known for their roles in the comedy and action films "Beverly Hills Cop III" and "Surf Ninjas".
  • Sam Mesa: an American keyboardist and vocalist in the popular folk band "Mumford Moss".
  • Joshua Mesa: a Filipino-American actor known for his roles in the musical films Glee and Step Up.
  • Jorge Mesa: a Venezuelan comedian and stand-up artist.

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