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Surname Michelsson - Meaning and Origin

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Michelsson: What does the surname Michelsson mean?

The origin of the Michelsson surname is Swedish. It is derived from the personal name Mickael, which is derived from the Hebrew name מִיכָאֵל (Mika'el), meaning "Who is like God?".

The patronymic form of the name, Michelsson, is a common surname in Sweden, Norway, Finland and other countries in northern Europe. In addition to being traditionally used in Swedish and Scandinavian languages, it has also been adopted and assimilated into other languages, such as German.

Michelsson is historically associated with Scandinavian royalty, having been borne by numerous powerful and noble families in the region. Michelsson families were among those which were granted lands and titles by the crown in acknowledgement for their loyalty and service.

In modern times, the name Michelsson is usually encountered as a surname, but it can also be used as a given name in certain cultures. It reflects a deep and meaningful heritage that is still felt amongst members of the Michelsson family today. The name continues to be a source of pride, honour and distinction and is still passed down through generations, reinforcing the values of loyalty, courage and strength for which their ancestors were known.

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Michelsson: Where does the name Michelsson come from?

The last name Michelsson is most commonly found in Scandinavia. Today it is particularly prevalent in Sweden. According to the Swedish national register, as of 2020 there are over 11,700 individuals in Sweden with the last name Michelsson.

The last name Michelsson is a patronymic form that evolved from the given name "Michel". This given name is derived from the Hebrew name "Michael" which means "who is like God?"

The last name Michelsson is also found in some parts of Finland today. According to the Finnish Population Register, there are a little over 3,400 individuals with the last name Michelsson.

Outside of the Nordic region, the last name Michelsson can be found in Australia, the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. According to the United States Census Bureau, the number of individuals with the last name Michelsson has been consistently increasing since the early 2010s.

Therefore, the last name Michelsson is largely present in Scandinavia, with a small spread elsewhere. Its presence in the Nordic region is particularly strong, particularly in Sweden.

Variations of the surname Michelsson

The surname Michelsson is of Norse origins, often spelled as Michaelson or Michaelson and variants spelling this surname include Michelsen, Michelson, Michelsson, Michaelsen, Michaelson, Mikaelson and Mykelsen. Usually associated with a patronymic or farm name as the origin, Michelsson is a surname formed from the personal name ‘Michel’ or ‘Mikkel’.

The Scandinavian form of ‘Mikkel’ is ‘Michel’, and the suffixs ‘-sen’ or ‘-son’ is normally accompanying the male Nordic first name to form a patronymic name. This name appears in Denmark, Norway and Sweden in many forms that reflects the colourful regional accents and dialects, from Nicolas to Jens, and ‘søn’, and ‘sen’ was often replaced by ‘sson’ or ‘son’ to form ‘Michelsson’, or simply ‘Michel’.

‘Michelsson’ in Norway was most commonly found in the regions of Agder and Rogaland, ‘Michaelsson’ was most common in Sogn og Fjordane, and ‘Michelson’ was mainly found in Vestfold and Telemark. ‘Mikkel’ stemmed from Mikkel the Bishop of Finland between 1266-1274 before moving to Denmark and taking on the name ‘Michael’. It is believed that ‘Michelsson’ was brought by migrants to Scotland when they emigrated from Norway and Denmark in the search for a better life, and the name has become embedded in Scottish culture as well as other parts of the world.

Variations on ‘Michelsson’, some of which may be from other linguistic roots, include Michaelssen, Michels, Mikielsen, Mikkelsen, and Myhlsson. Other similar sounding names include Mikkola, Miholic, Mikelsa, Mikic, Mikla and Mihal.

Differing spellings of this surname have developed in different countries, with variants much like Michelson, Michaelson and Michaelsen being found in Germany, Australia and the United States.

Famous people with the name Michelsson

  • Malin Maria Åkerman: Swedish-Canadian actress and model
  • Albin Michelson: Swedish designer and aviation pioneer
  • Mårten Mickelsson: Swedish footballer
  • Emilie Michelson: New Zealand ice hockey player
  • Alexander Michelson: Danish-American architect
  • Emil Michelsson: Finnish athlete and two-time Olympic medalist
  • Oskar Michelson: Swedish Civil War soldier
  • Lars-Erik Michelson: Swedish ice hockey player
  • Rolf Michelson: Finnish figure skater
  • Jonas Michelsson: Swedish boxer and two-time European champion
  • Josefine Michelsson: Swedish author and illustrator

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