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Surname Minarikova - Meaning and Origin

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Minarikova: What does the surname Minarikova mean?

The last name Minarikova is of Slavic origin and is derived from the word "minarik," meaning "small." The name is common among several eastern European countries, primarily in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

The root of the surname suggests that early bearers of the name likely had "small" physical features, such as being short in stature or having petite features. It is also plausible that the first carriers of the name carried a nickname or epithet given to them because of their small size; it then became the family surname.

Given the origin of the name, its bearers and their descendants may still have small features or be of very short stature. This can be especially true in families where the surname has remained unchanged for several generations.

In modern times, Minarikova is no longer a patronymic or nickname, but rather an inherited surname chosen and passed down by ancestors. As a last name, it functions as a form of identity and is oftentimes used on official documents, such as birth certificates and government forms.

In many languages, Minarikova is often spelled differently due to variations in the Latin listings of languages, translations into other languages, and changes in spelling over time. This should not detract from the fact that the name is shared by many people and carries a unique meaning and cultural heritage for each person.

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Minarikova: Where does the name Minarikova come from?

The last name Minarikova is most commonly seen in the Czech Republic, especially in the Moravia and Silesia regions. It is also quite common in Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland. The name is also found in Ukraine, Germany, and Austria.

The origin of the Minarikova last name is likely to have come from the Slavic word minar, which was an ornamental nickname used for a cook. The name is believed to have spread across Europe as the family moved or was forced to move across borders, due to the shifting political landscape in Central and Eastern Europe.

The surname Minarikova is also often seen with a different spelling, such as Minarek, Menarik, Menarak, and Mineak, depending on the region of origin.

Today, there are still many Minarikovas living in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary, just as there always have been. While many have moved to other countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia, many of the Minarikovas living in these countries can trace their family roots back to Central and Eastern Europe.

Variations of the surname Minarikova

The surname Minarikova is of Slavic origin and is derived from the root ‘minar’ which refers to a miller. There are several variants and spellings as well as numerous surnames related to this particular surname.

Variants of Minarikova include Menarikova, Menarik, Menarikoff, Menaryk, Menarikov, Menarak and Menarykoff. There is also an alternative spelling, Munarikova.

Other surnames related to Minarikova include Makarikova, Makarikoff, Makaryk, Makarikov, Makarak, Malarikova, Malarikoff, Malaryk, Malarikov, Malarak and Malarykoff.

Rikolon and Rivkin are further surnames originating from the same source. Onesťak, Preč, Furman, Habuda, Chyla, Eyer and Siekirka are also all derivatives of the same root meaning Miller.

Beyond this, there are surnames related to Minarikova that come from different Slavic populations. Ryck and Rycz are two Polish spellings of the same root and Rycková and Ryčová are Slovakian spellings.

Ric and Rick are two derivatives found in Eastern European Jewish names and Rika is a Serbian spelling of the same origin, all of which are related to the surname Minarikova.

Famous people with the name Minarikova

  • Vanda Minarikova (Czech actress)
  • Lucie Minarikova (Actress & Choreographer)
  • Barbora Minarikova (Czech Table Tennis player)
  • Lubomir Minarik (former Slovak footballer)
  • Tereza Minarikova (Czech skier)
  • Drahos Minarik (musician)
  • Marcela Minarikova (Czech professional tennis player )
  • Ondrej Minarik (Czech chess grandmaster)
  • Ondrej Minarik (Czech theatre director & actor)
  • Jana Minarikova (Czech singer)
  • Pavol Minarik (Slovak footballer )
  • Gunter Minarik (Austrian Actor & Singer)
  • Jan Minarik (Czechoslovak football player)
  • Pavol Minarik (former Slovak footballer)
  • Katarina Minarikova (Czech actress)
  • Ivana Minarikova (Actress)
  • Peter Minarik (rock musician)
  • Ladislav Minarik (Soda Ash Chemist & Pharmaceutical expert)
  • Gejza Minarik (Slovak butterfly swimmer)
  • Josef Minarik (former Czechoslovakian ice hockey player)

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