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Surname Mingus - Meaning and Origin

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Mingus: What does the surname Mingus mean?

The last name Mingus is of English origin and dates back to the Middle Ages. It is thought to derive from the Old English word ming, meaning "mingle," and was likely used either as an occupational name for someone who mixes trade goods or substances, or to describe someone who mingles among different social groups.

The early usage of the surname Mingus appears to line up with its etymological meaning. Many of its first recorded uses were as surnames of grammar school teachers, or even royalty in Great Britain. Mingus was even used as a bishop’s surname in the year 1275.

By the 17th century, the surname Mingus had spread to other countries such as the United States. Records of the name appear in both naval rosters and in property records of the time. The Mingus name has remained fairly common throughout the centuries and is still commonly found in many parts of the United States.

Overall, the Mingus surname is likely to have a long and storied history. Its originally intended meaning of "mingle" is likely a reflection of the versatile nature of the name throughout the centuries, and how its usage has been used to signify someone who is adaptable and flexible.

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Mingus: Where does the name Mingus come from?

The last name Mingus is most commonly found in the United States. It is primarily of English, Scottish, and Irish origin, but can also be French and American Indian. Currently, Mingus is most prevalent in the southern states like Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. According to the most recent figures from the U.S. Census, there are over 14,500 people with the last name Mingus living in the country.

Although the Mingus name initially settled in the Southern regions of the United States, due to increased mobility and immigration, the Mingus family has now spread throughout the United States. Major hubs of the Mingus name include Texas, Florida, New York, and California.

The Mingus name is also common in other countries, such as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Although their surname is not as widely used in these countries as it is in the United States, there are still Mingus people living outside of the United States.

In addition to the United States and other countries, the last name Mingus can also be found in the African nation of Ghana. Mingus is a popular name among the Akan people, and there is even a village in the Eastern region of Ghana named Mingus.

Overall, the last name Mingus can be found in multiple countries around the world, primarily in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname Mingus

The surname Mingus is derived from a combination of the German word "mingen" (to mix) and "haus" (house). This surname is most common in the United States, although it has been found in other countries as well. In the United States, the Mingus surname has several variant spellings, such as Mingas, Minges, Minjus and Minjas.

The Mingus family is thought to have arrived in the United States with German-Scots immigrants from the British Isles. Many of these immigrants settled in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Since that time, the Mingus surname has spread throughout the United States.

Mingus is also an Irish surname, which is derived from the old Irish first name Meghus, which was a variant of the name Augustus. This name was brought to Ireland by the Normans, and is most common in the counties of Ulster and Cavan. Variant spellings of the Irish Mingus surname include Mingeis, Mingay and Minges.

Mingus is also an Ashkenazi Jewish surname, mostly found in Eastern European countries such as Poland, Austria and Germany. In these countries, the surname Mingus is derived from the Yiddish first name Mengele, which means lucky one. Variant spellings for this version of the surname include Menko, Mengo and Mengas.

There are many other surnames which are variants of Mingus, derived from different nationalities and languages. These include the Dutch Minger, French Mennequin, Italian Minneci, Spanish Mingo and Czech Ming.

Famous people with the name Mingus

  • Charles Mingus: legendary jazz bassist and composer.
  • Sue Mingus: American arts administrator and widow of Charles Mingus.
  • Eric Mingus: experimental punk and jazz vocalist and songwriter.
  • Richard Mingus: surfer and filmmaker.
  • Alexander Mingus: Actor and model.
  • Robert Mingus: American novelist.
  • Caroline Mingus: motion and video graphics designer.
  • Quinton Mingus: award-winning American cinematographer and director.
  • Augustus Sylvester Mingus: American Medal of Honor recipient.
  • Juliette Mingus: Grammy Award nominated folk rock and jazz artist.

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