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Surname Mohaut - Meaning and Origin

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Mohaut: What does the surname Mohaut mean?

MOHAUT is a last name of French origin, derived from the medieval French personal name Maugis. Maugis was the son of Aymeri, a figure found in the tenth-century romance poem, "The Four Sons of Aymon." The name Maugis is thought to have derived from the early Germanic name Maursi, which is composed of the elements "maur" meaning dark and "maur" meaning courageous.

The word "mohaut" is composed of the elements "moh" meaning great and "haut" meaning hair. This suggests that this surname could have been used to signify a person with a large quantity of luxurious hair. In French, Maugis eventually was changed to Mohaut and also became an accepted last name in England when the Normans invaded.

The surname Mohaut is primarily found in France but has spread to other countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia. Today, people with this last name are spread throughout the world.

The last name Mohaut has come to signify strength, courage, and resilience, traits that were embodied by the mythical figure of Maugis. The values of family, hard work, and loyalty to one’s heritage are strong in those with the Mohaut surname. So if you ever have the luck to meet someone with the last name Mohaut, you can be sure that you are in the presence of a strong and courageous individual.

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Mohaut: Where does the name Mohaut come from?

The surname MOHAUT is most commonly found in France today. Within the country, it is most heavily concentrated in four specific regions: Nord (in the north), Centre (in the Loire Valley), Picardie (northwest of Paris), and Normandie (near the English Channel).

The name appears to have originated in the late 11th century when a certain Mohaut de Briey was recorded as a witness to a charter of the Abbey of St. Amand. In the following century, a member of the Mohaut family is recorded as having sold a parcel of land near Paris.

Mohaut was also a prominent name in Lorraine, a region in eastern France that borders Belgium and Luxembourg. The importance of the name to that region’s history is reflected in the fact that one of the most famous castles in the region, the Château de Monlot, is also known as the Château des Mohauts.

In addition to France, the surname has spread to other countries, with a sizeable population of Mohauts living in the United States, Canada, Britain, and Australia among others. Its presence in these countries is largely due to the waves of immigration that occurred during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Variations of the surname Mohaut

Mohaut is an ancient surname originating from Normandy, France. It is derived from the Old French “mahault” meaning “the great one”. Mohaut is a relatively uncommon name, however, variants and other spellings include Mohault, Mohalt, Mohautte, Mohotte, Mouchard and Mouchet. In various countries around the world the name can also be found as Mohowitsch, Mohovitz, Mougaud, Monhault, Muhat, Mochaut, and Mofaut.

In other countries, particularly in the United Kingdom and America, variants of this surname tend to include additional letters or some of the vowels have been substituted. These variations range from Mowhet and Mohaut to Mohath, Mowat, Mohowitsch and others.

The surnames Mohaut, Mohault, Mohalt, Mouchard and Mouchet are all thought to be of the same origin and can still be found in different parts of France today.

Although the Mohaut name is an uncommon one, it has been taken across the world and can be found in many countries today, including Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

In Canada, some of the spellings associated with the name Mohaut can include Mowatt, Mawhott, Mawhaut and Mawhault.

In America, some variants of the name may be found as Moheut, Mouchard, Mawhalt, Mowheld, Moulhaut or Mouhat.

In Australia, some of the variations of the name Mohaut may include Monhaut, Mowhat, Mowhatte or Mawhote.

In New Zealand some variations include Mowhott, Mohowitsch, Mohowat, Mouchaud and Mafaut.

In Europe, some of the variations of Mohaut include Mohaud, Mahuot, Mawhott, Mohot, Mouhet and Mauheart.

No matter what the spelling or origin, the Mohaut surname traces its roots back to Normandy, France, and those bearing this surname can be proud of the rich and lasting history behind their ancestral name.

Famous people with the name Mohaut

  • Raeford Mohaut: British singer, songwriter and actor
  • Bina Mohaut: Indian political activist and former member of the Legislative Assembly of Bihar
  • Surjit Mohaut: Canadian social scientist and educator
  • Atul Mohaut: Indian cricketer
  • Muthu Mohaut: Indian wrestler and actor
  • Nalin Mohaut: Indian politician
  • Uma Mohaut: Indian forestry scientist
  • Solin Mohaut: American bodybuilder and actor
  • Thomas Mohaut: Swiss composer and conductor
  • Sushmita Mohaut: Indian film actress
  • Tanaka Mohaut: South African artist
  • Sarad Mohaut: Nepali Politician
  • Nitin Mohaut: Indian engineer
  • Lalit Mohaut: Indian politician
  • Sukrut Mohaut: Indian agronomist

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