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Surname Molen - Meaning and Origin

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Molen: What does the surname Molen mean?

The last name Molen is an old Dutch name derived from the Old Norse word “moli”, meaning ‘mill’. The name originally referred to a person who owned or operated a mill, someone known as a “molenbaas” in Dutch. The name denotes an individual who was a skilled entrepreneur and leader, and had a certain economic power in the town or region.

Over time, the name Molen began to take on the meaning of not just a mill owner but also someone who was to care for the mill and its associated machinery. This care could require a strong knowledge of mechanics and engineering, and it was viewed as a respected role in the community.

Today the surname Molen is quite common in many Dutch speaking regions, as well as in the United States where it was brought by immigrants seeking new opportunities. Some of the many descendants of the Molen name include prominent figures in politics, business, law, and entertainment. Even the name of the Dutch beer brand Bavaria was changed to Molen in honor of its 1872 founding family.

No matter where members of the Molen lineage live, they retain a shared sense of pride in their name and in the courage, skill, and innovation of their ancestors.

Molen: Where does the name Molen come from?

The last name Molen is a Dutch surname derived from the word moolen, meaning grain mill or windmill and is most commonly found in the Netherlands and Belgium. The name could also potentially be of German or Swiss origin.

In the Netherlands, the Molen surname originated around the cities of 's-Hertogenbosch and Alphen and it is most commonly found in the provinces of North Brabant, Limburg, and North Holland. In Belgium, it is most commonly found around Limburg but also in the northern parts of Belgium as well.

Today, Molen is a relatively common name in the Netherlands. It was the 22nd most common last name in the Netherlands in 2014 and is still quite popular there. Outside of the Netherlands and Belgium, it is also found in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Switzerland among other countries.

Variations of the surname Molen

The surname Molen is a Dutch and Belgian name with multiple spellings and variants. The original Dutch spelling of the surname is Moolen and all other spellings of the name are derived from the Dutch namely Moolen, Moelen, Mollen, Moolens, Molenaar, Molema, Muhlen, Moolenbeek, Moolenaar, Mulleman and Molenmaker.

The ‘Moolen’ spelling of the surname has various spellings of the same origin they are Moolen, Moele, Moelen, Mullen, Moolens, Molenaer, Molema, Muhlen, Moolenbeek, Moolenaar, Mulleman, and Molenmaker. Moolen is derived from ancient Dutch and Belgian words and this spelling is the oldest spelling for Molen.

The ‘Mollen’ spelling of the surname is derived from Moolen and is often used in Dutch-speaking countries as it is a common spelling for the name. Other spellings for Mollen include Moolen, Molenaar, Molema, Muhlen, Moolenbeek, Moolenaar, Mulleman and Molenmaker.

The ‘Molenaar’ spelling for the surname originated from Moolen and is often used as a Dutch and Belgian surname. The ‘Molenaar’ spelling is derived from ‘molen’ which means mill in Dutch and signifies that the bearers may have had some connection to the mill profession in history.

In addition, some of the surnames related to Molen also include Mollema, Muhlen, Moolenbeek, Moolenaar, Mulleman and Molenmaker. These surnames signify an association to the profession of miller, miller’s wife or one who lived in a miller’s household.

Thus, there are many spellings and variants of the surname Molen due to its geographic origins. Moolen is the original Dutch spelling, with Molenaar, Mollen, Moolens, Mollema, Muhlen, Moolenbeek, Moolenaar, Mulleman, and Molenmaker all being derived from it. These surnames are all related to the profession of miller or one who lived near or in a miller’s household.

Famous people with the name Molen

  • Rich Molen: Producer known for the film ‘See You in the Morning’.
  • Ingrid Vandebosch– Belgian actress, model, and wife of NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon.
  • Jos van Molen: Dutch cyclist and winner of the Vuelta a España in 1988.
  • Jan van Molen: Dutch sculptor and comedian.
  • Ben Molen: American actor, producer, and director.
  • Esmée Molen: Dutch speed skater, competing in the 2021 Winter Olympics.
  • Michael Molen: Emmy-winning producer, known for films such as Apollo 13 and Minority Report.
  • Ron Molen: American actor and Broadway performer on shows such as 'Cats' and 'Aida'.
  • Brian Molen: Actor known for appearances in 'Seinfeld' and 'The X-Files'.
  • Justine Molen: Dutch field hockey player, part of the Dutch National Team since 2014.

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