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Surname Monfort - Meaning and Origin

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I. Monfort

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Monfort: What does the surname Monfort mean?

The surname Monfort is of French origin and its literal translation is "strong mountain". It is derived from two Old French words; "mont" meaning mountain and "fort" meaning strong. This name was traditionally given to families living near a prominent mountain, hill or fort, or possibly for a place fortified against potential invaders. It could also denote the strength and stability of the family, implying they are as enduring and unshakeable as a mountain.

Throughout history, variations such as Montfort, Monford, and Mumford have emerged. There are also notable figures with this surname like Simon de Montfort, a central figure in English history, who played a major role in the establishment of parliamentary democracy. Today, the surname Monfort is spread across the globe, carried by many families of French descent.

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Monfort: Where does the name Monfort come from?

The last name Monfort is believed to have origins in France and may have derived from the Old French words “mont fort” which means “strong mountain”. The Monfort surname is not common in many regions, but there is a concentration of it in Europe. The last name is especially common in France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal, likely reflecting its origins in France. In France, it is particularly common in the regions of Languedoc-Roussillon, Haute-Garonne, and Haute-Loire.

In the United States, the surname Monfort has a concentration in the northeast, including Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, suggesting this may be an area where French migrants first settled. Outside of the United States, the Monfort last name is also common in Caribbean countries, particularly Jamaica.

Today, the majority of people with the last name Monfort are of French heritage. It is possible there are Monforts of other ethnicities as well, though due to the regional concentration of the surname in traditional French regions, this is unlikely.

Variations of the surname Monfort

The surname Monfort may have several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Some of these variations of the surname include Munford, Montfort, Montford, Monford, Montphort, Mantford, Mundford, Monfert, Monferte, Mounfort, and Monforet.

The name Monfort is found in French, Spanish, and Catalan cultures and may have several different origins and meanings. The Catalan name signifies "fortified mountain" and may have been adopted by those who initially lived on or near a mountain. The French and Spanish name has origins from the Latin words "mons-furtus," which translate to "mound-fort.” This signified one who lived in an area where a mound or elevation had been fortified with a fortress or house.

The spelling may vary from region to region and from language to language.

Monfort is occasionally seen asby Anglicization as Mounter, Mountaing, Mounting, Mountaine, Mowntor,Mountor, and Mounter. These spellings may have been influenced by phonetic spelling with English speakers.

In the United Stated, the surname Monfort is often seen spelled as Montford, and Montforth. These spellings are similar to those found in the south of France. The Hispanic culture sees the name spelled as Montforte, Monforte, Montforti, Montforty, and Montforthy, among other spellings.

The different forms of the surname Monfort often signify to what region and culture the ancestor was added, and their language of origin.

Famous people with the name Monfort

  • Ramon Monfort Perez: Ramon Monfort Perez is a former Major League Baseball first baseman of Spanish origin who played for the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals during his career from 1970-1974.
  • Angel Monfort Aceituno: Angel Monfort Aceituno is a Spanish footballer who has played as a midfielder for several teams including Real Betis and Celta Vigo.
  • Antoine Monfort: Antoine Monfort is a French painter and sculptor, known primarily for his portrait work.
  • Juan Monfort Conesa: Juan Monfort Conesa was a Spanish military and political leader, best known for serving as the first president of the autonomous Balearic Islands from 1983 to 1991.
  • Baïna Monfort: Baïna Monfort is a Martinican politician who serves as the Secretary of State for Gender Equality and the Fight Against Discrimination in the French government.
  • Pierre Monfort: Pierre Monfort is a French pilot, better known as the winner of the 1983 Transglobe Expedition, a three-year, non-stop expedition around the world.
  • Majid Monfort: Majid Monfort is a Filipino basketball player who currently plays for the San Miguel Beermen of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).
  • Chamon Monfort: Chamon Monfort is an American hip-hop artist and member of the rap collective Startiggy.
  • Émile Monfort: Émile Monfort is a French wine producer, best known for his prestige red Burgundy wines produced from the Gielerme vineyard in the Chablis region.

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