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Surname Montgomerie - Meaning and Origin

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Montgomerie: What does the surname Montgomerie mean?

The surname Montgomerie is of Norman French origin and was introduced into England following the Norman Conquest of 1066. It is a geographical or location-based surname, derived from "Montgomery", a place in Calvados, Normandy in France. The place name Montgomery translates to "Gomeric's hill" or "mountain of the powerful man", from the old Norman French elements "Mont", meaning hill, and "Gomeric", a personal name composed of the elements "gomme", meaning "man", and "ric", meaning "power".

The Montgomerie family were powerful and influential nobles, having been granted lands by William the Conqueror for their assistance at the Battle of Hastings. Therefore, the surname Montgomerie was often associated with nobility and power, due to the family's significant impact on British history. Throughout history, many variants of the spelling have appeared, including Montgomery, Montgomerie, Montgomeri and others.

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Montgomerie: Where does the name Montgomerie come from?

The last name Montgomerie is currently most common in Scotland with approximately 5,000 people bearing the name. From the thirteenth century onward the name Montgomerie has held a strong presence in Scotland due to various Norman families that settled in the country during and after the Scottish Wars of Independence. It is most common in the west of Scotland, with the people bearing the surname, descended from the powerful House of Montgomerie, possessing a combination of Norman, Gaelic and Lowland legacy.

Today, the Montgomerie name is still prominent in Scotland. Much of the surname still remains in the west and south of the country, with many claiming ancestry from powerful early sources such as the Earls of Eglinton and the Earls of Montgomery. The current family of Eglinton and Winton possess a direct link to the ancient Earldom of Eglinton, established in 1258.

Traditionally, the Montgomerie name has also seen presence in many parts of England, particularly in Cumberland, Northamptonshire and Herefordshire. It is equally represented in Wales, although prominent Montgomerie families are largely confined to Merioneth and Anglesey.

The last name Montgomerie also has an international presence, especially in the United States, Canada and Australia. In the US, the name is most popular in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois.

Variations of the surname Montgomerie

The spelling variants of the surname Montgomerie are numerous and can vary greatly depending on the region. The most common variants in English-speaking countries are Montgomery and Montgomeries. Variants in Scotland and Irish regions include MacTaggart, MacTaggert, Montgorry, Montgoumery, Montgumerey, Montgumerry, Montgomery, Montgomeries, Montgomry, Montgranery, Montgrery, Montgurry, Montogomry, and Montogury.

The origin of the Montgomerie surname and its variants originate from the Latin family name ‘Montgomericus’, formed from the personal name ‘Gomericus’, meaning ‘son of Gomer’. The personal name, derived from ‘Gomer’, is a Hebrew name meaning ‘bubbling up’ or ‘rising up’.

The surname Montgomerie is most commonly found in Scotland, and the most numerous variant of the surname in Scotland is Montgomery. Additionally, the MacTaggart and MacTaggert variants of the surname are primarily found in Scotland and Ireland.

Some spellings are very localized or regional, stemming from a mix of native languages, Hebrew and Latin roots. Montgumberry, for example, is found primarily in Ireland and England and the variant Montgurry is concentrated in Northern Ireland.

The Montgomerie surname has produced various branches of the Montgomerie family tree throughout the United Kingdom, each with its own regional variants. As the Montgomerie clan began to disperse throughout Europe, the various variants of the surname spread with them.

Famous people with the name Montgomerie

  • Colin Montgomerie: Scottish professional golfer who has won eight European Tour Order of Merit titles and was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2013.
  • Jeff Montgomerie: American painter, sculptor, and installation artist whose studio work explores themes of transformation, environment, and interaction.
  • Gilbert Montgomerie: Canadian actor and director best known for his roles in the TV series Supernatural and in the Canadian production He Who Can Not Be Named.
  • John Montgomerie: Scottish theologian and professor at the University of Glasgow who is a renowned expert and specialist in Italian Renaissance art.
  • Hannah Montgomerie: English poet and author whose works explore issues of identity and nationality in relation to her British-Iranian background.
  • Iain Montgomerie: Australian comedian and TV host known for his popular chat show The Montgomerie Show.
  • Angus Montgomerie: British military officer and explorer who commanded two Arctic expeditions in the mid-1800s.
  • Mhairi Montgomerie: Scottish composer and performer who created the symphony Through the Looking Glass and the opera La Celestina.
  • Kenneth Montgomerie: Canadian aviator who made significant contributions to civil aviation in Canada in the early part of the twentieth century.
  • Alastair Montgomerie: Scottish writer and script consultant who has written several films, including Ironclad: Battle for Blood and Rage of the Yeti.

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