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Surname Moradi - Meaning and Origin

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Moradi: What does the surname Moradi mean?

The last name Moradi is a largely Iranian surname. It likely comes from the Persian language and is derived from the word, 'mord', which means "person". This is often used as a title for someone in a high ranking or powerful position, which helps to explain why the surname was adopted by many noble families in the region.

The last name Moradi is associated with a strong sense of tradition as well as a close-knit family relationship. Those who share this last name remain strongly connected, especially in times of need. This is also reflected in the deep devotion to their community and homeland.

People with the last name Moradi have achieved success in many different fields. They have been successful in business, politics, and the arts, with many prominent figures belonging to this family. For example, Iranian-Australian author and screenwriter Behdad Sami has the last name Moradi, as does globally renowned author and poet Navid Kermani.

Overall, the Moradi surname is a testament to resilience, dedication and real strength. It denotes a proud lineage, a shared sense of identity and a deep sense of loyalty and affection.

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Moradi: Where does the name Moradi come from?

Today, the last name Moradi is most commonly found in Iran. This is primarily due to the fact that Iran has the largest population of Persians in the world. As many as 12% of the people in Iran today have this surname. In addition to Iranians, Moradi is also a popular surname among Persians of Armenian, Azeri, Jewish, and Kurdish backgrounds who have Persian ancestry.

The last name is also quite common in a number of other countries where there is a large Persian diaspora, such as the United States, Canada, Sweden, France, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates. In the U.S., the last name Moradi is most common in California, especially in the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and San Diego.

The Moradi last name ultimately derives from a word of unknown origin that means "desire" or "passion." In recent years, it has become a popular surname for families of all backgrounds as a symbol of strength and determination.

Variations of the surname Moradi

The surname Moradi is an incredibly common surname with many variations, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The most popular spellings and surnames of the same origin include:













The origin of the surname Moradi is likely of Farsi, Hebrew, or Persian descent and is believed to mean ‘wise’ and ‘brave’. It is also believed that the surname would have come from the commonly used forename ‘Mordechai’, which literally means ‘belonging to Marduk’.

The surname is especially popular in Iran and many Iranian’s emigrating to Western countries will often keep the name or spell it differently to set themselves from the diaspora.

Common variants often see the surnames spelled with an ‘a’ where an ‘e’ usually stands, and an extra ‘y’ on the end, as in the name Morady. Others may opt for the name ending ‘-iy’, such as the name Moradiye.

Other surnames with the same origin as Moradi, though spelled differently, include Mordey, Mardia, and Moridae.

The prevalence of the surname Moradi in Eastern European countries likely dates back to migrants from the region as early as the Middle Ages, and has since spread with emigrants to other regions of the world. The popularity of the surname is changing but is likely to stay strong for many more centuries.

Famous people with the name Moradi

  • Marzieh Moradi: Iranian political activist
  • Roqiyeh Moradi: Iranian taekwondo athlete
  • Ali Reza Moradi: Iranian composer, pianist, and arranger
  • Amir Moradi: Iranian Greco-Roman wrestler
  • Abbas Moradi: Iranian journalist
  • Ali Moradi: Iranian football player
  • Hamid Moradi: Iranian religious & political figure
  • Behzad Moradi: Iranian photographer
  • Mozaffar Moradi: Iranian scientist and public health specialist
  • Ali Moradi: Iranian Member of Parliament, and 14th Mayor of Maragheh
  • Moein Moradi: Iranian Air Force pilot
  • Zahra Moradi: Iranian actress and filmmaker
  • Teni Moradi: Iranian Baha'i human rights advocate
  • Houshang Moradi: Iranian surgeon
  • Mithaq Moradi: Iranian footballer
  • Milad Moradi: Iranian football player
  • Ali Moradi: Iranian footballer
  • Farhad Moradi: Iranian Footballer
  • Mehran Moradi: Iranian professional football player
  • Habib Moradi: Iranian political prisoner and journalist

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