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Surname Moravez - Meaning and Origin

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Moravez: What does the surname Moravez mean?

The surname Moravez is derived from the Spanish word "mora" which means "blackberry". The early bearers of the surname are thought to have been employed as pickers of blackberries, as this delicious fruit has been a popular ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes for centuries.

The Moravez family is thought to have originated from Spain, specifically the region of La Rioja. From there, the Moravez family could have spread to other Spanish-speaking countries; their descendants can now be found in Central and South America, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

The Moravez surname is believed to have been borne by several notable individuals in Spanish and American history. These individuals include the Aztec archeologist and explorer Francisco de Moravez, the first president of the independent Dominican Republic, Vincente Moravez, the Cuban politician and physician Jose Julián Moravez, and the Puerto Rican lawyer and public servant Ildefonso Marquez Moravez.

The meaning behind the Moravez surname signifies a deep connection to Spain’s history and culture. The fruit of the blackberry was believed to bring food, health, and wealth to its pickers, and the Moravez family has proudly held on to this tradition for centuries. As a result, the Moravez surname is a testament to the strength, hard work, and resilience of the family’s ancestors.

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Moravez: Where does the name Moravez come from?

The last name Moravez is among the most prevalent surnames in Spain and Portugal today. Records indicate that it dates back to the 8th century, having been gifted to the grandson of a Visigoth King of Spain, Rodrigo. The family's lineage is most notably associated with the town of Logroño in La Rioja, Spain.

The Moravez family is prominent in Spain and Portugal today, spreading to the Philippines and Latin America with the help of Spanish and Portuguese colonization in the 15th and 16th centuries. Various members of the family settled all throughout Latin America, most commonly in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia.

The name has become increasingly rare in the United States, with few instances of individuals with that name in the census records. The usage of the name Moravez in the U.S. seems limited primarily to descendants of the Spanish colonial era, and centers mostly around the Southwest.

The Moravez family is often associated with the phrase "un clan de gran nobleza" or, "a family of great nobility." This is an indication of the family’s long-standing influence throughout history and the high respect which it has earned.

Variations of the surname Moravez

The surname Moravez is a variation of the name Moraes. It originated in Spain but is now found in many Latin American countries. Spellings and variants of the surname Moravez include Mora, Morai, Morais, Morace, Moras, and Moraiz.

Originally, the Moraes family were of Iberian-Portuguese descent and can trace their roots back to the late 8th century. It is believed that members of the family moved to the Galicia region of northern Spain and adopted the Moraes surname.

The Moraes and Moravez families have a number of different variations of the surname which go back to the origins of the family name. Common variations of Moravez include m'Rovez, Moirares, Morres, la Morée, and Morano. Other variants include Moravas, Moriale, Moraz, Moreno, and Moro.

In the United States, the surname has been anglicized to Morish, Morones, Morris, Moore, and even Marvos. These surnames are all variants of the same root name and have the same meaning.

The surname Moravez is also found in Italy with variants including Marazi, Marino, Mazzi, and Marza. However, these variants are Spanish in origin.

The surnames Moraes and Moravez have been around for centuries and can be found across many different nations and cultures. As such, it is likely that there are even more variants and spellings of the surname that have not yet been uncovered.

Famous people with the name Moravez

  • Pepe Morávek: Czech singer and songwriter
  • Manuel Moravec: Czech classical pianist
  • Gonzalo Moráveg: Spanish film director
  • Robert Moravec: Australian entrepeneur and philanthropist
  • Larissa Moravecová: Czech beauty queen and model
  • Arthur Moravec: Czech philologist and writer
  • Javier Moravec: Chilean professional footballer
  • Jordi Moravec: Spanish musician and composer
  • Ladislav Morávek: Czech marathon runner
  • Jiří Moravec: Czech footballer

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