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Surname Morawitz - Meaning and Origin

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Morawitz: What does the surname Morawitz mean?

The last name Morawitz is of German origin and is believed to be derived from the word "Moor" which is an old German term for a dark-haired person. It was most likely used to describe someone with dark hair, or a person with different colored eyes, such as blue eyes. The name has also been associated with the Moorish people of northwestern Africa who had dark hair and complexions. The name could have also been used to describe someone from the former eastern German state of Prussia, or even the Czech Republic.

The root word of Morawitz may have come from the German word "mora" which is an old German term for "fate". This could indicate that the Morawitz family may have had a long history of people living by fate or chance. It is also possible that this could indicate a family with a long line of warriors who were ready for and willing to take on the world if necessary.

Overall, the last name Morawitz seems to be a family name that encompasses a long history of courage, fortitude, and a deep cultural connection to both Germany and Eastern Europe. Despite the admittedly unknown origin of the name, it has been handed down from generation to generation and continues to be used by those who proudly bear the name.

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Morawitz: Where does the name Morawitz come from?

The last name Morawitz is believed to be of German origin, and is relatively uncommon today; however, it is still quite widely spread around the world and especially in German-speaking countries.

In Germany, it is most common in the states of Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia. Additionally, this surname can be found to a lesser extent in the states of Bavaria, Berlin, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saarland.

Morawitz is also relatively common in Austria, although not as much as in Germany. It is especially concentrated in the states of Lower Austria, Upper Austria, and Vienna.

Furthermore, Morawitz can also be found in other parts of Europe. For example, in the Czech Republic, it is particularly widespread in the states of Prague and Moravia-Silesia. Additionally, it can also be found in Switzerland, especially in the cantons of Bern and Zurich.

Morawitz is also present in other parts of the world, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. In the US, it is most commonly found in California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York.

Overall, the last name Morawitz may be a bit rare, but it is far from extinct. Instead, it is still present in many parts of the world, particularly in German-speaking regions but also in other countries.

Variations of the surname Morawitz

The Morawitz surname can be one of several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. In some cases, the spelling may have been changed due to migration, assimilation or other reasons.

The most common variant of the Morawitz surname is Marowitz, which is derived from a variation of German words for “Moor” or “bog”. Other variant spellings of this surname include Marowitz, Marwitz, Marwitzen, Murawitsch, Murawitz, and Merowitz.

Variations of the surname also exist in other countries and cultures, such as Merovitz in Israel, Merowicz in Poland, Maroevitch in Russia, and Morawiec/Morawiez in Ukraine.

Surnames that are also related to or derived from the Morawitz surname include Marlo, Marlow, Marleau, Moreau, Morieux, Murawski, Morian, Moron, Moronov, and Moran.

In some instances, the surname Marowitz may have become “Americanized” over time, resulting in even further variants. Marloff, Marlfeld, Marloft, Marols, Marolsky, Marolf, Marolt, Marolta, Maroltovitz, Mroz, and Marold are all related surnames which may be used as a result of cultural assimilation.

The Morawitz surname is also found in Hispanic culture, where the spelling may be Maroites or Marovis.

Famous people with the name Morawitz

  • Heinrich Morawitz (1827: 1880): Bohemian cellist
  • Maksim Morawitz (1875: 1937): Russian conductor
  • Kurt Morawitz (born 1933): Austrian pianist and composer
  • Natalya Morawitz (born 1948): Soviet actress
  • Stanislava Moravitz (born 1962): Ukrainian choreographer
  • Pavel Morawitz (born 1963): Russian theater and film director
  • Petr Morawitz (born 1978): Czech hockey player
  • Sascha Morawitz (born 1979): German photographer
  • Ute Morawitz (born 1983): Austrian model
  • Magda Morawitz (born 1985): Brazilian actress and stage director

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