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An Unexpected Journey: Tracing the Global Roots of the Moreau Surname Through iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Moreau

The Igena DNA test made me question my roots and the history of my surname, Moreau. Its results revealed diverse global connections and revealed links to ancient Celts which added a whole new level to my understanding of my ancestors’ journey.

The story of my DNA is a journey back in time, rich with twists and surprises. The iGENEA DNA test I took revealed a wild collection of unexpected connections that completely transformed how I understand my familial origins and the history of my surname, Moreau. The most notable of which was tracing my lineage back to the ancient Celts. I also discovered Asian and African links in my ancestry, which was astonishing given my exclusively European upbringing. This wild genetic cocktail has offered a unique insight into the meandering paths my progenitors took before settling in France.

V. Moreau

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