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An Enthralling Journey into My Ancestral Past: Reviewing the iGENEA DNA Test Experience

Family name Moreno

Embark on a thrilling journey to unravel the mysteries of ancestry with an iGENEA DNA test. My surname, Moreno, took on new meaning after I made familial connections globally, gaining valuable knowledge and creating enduring bonds.

Having had the opportunity to embark on the quest of unearthing my lineage and ancestry through the iGENEA DNA test has been an adventure filled with excitement and revelation. Once you get past the unusual experience of spitting into a tiny tube for the sake of science, the journey into your past truly begins!

My surname is Moreno, a common Spanish name, and I'd always wondered about its origins and whether I have relatives previously unknown to me. With the iGENEA DNA test, I was able to explore beyond the boundaries of known family history. Not only did the results offer a comprehensive overview of my genetic ancestry, but it also provided a detailed genealogical breakdown tied to my surname. I learned that Moreno usually refers to a person with dark hair or skin, originating from Moorish lineage. It was fascinating to discover that the name dates back to the 8th century during the Moorish reign in Spain.

One may find it overwhelming to comprehend the extensive data and pointers the report provides but fear not. The resources and guidance from iGENEA are remarkable. They help you understand your report and guide you on how to maximize the potential of your results in connecting with your past.

Through the iGENEA DNA database, I was able to connect with several individuals with the surname Moreno across the globe, some directly related and others not. The platform allows for secure communication that made these connections possible. I have managed to connect with people from Spain, Italy, and South America, all sharing our familial and cultural exchanges, stories, and photos.

In conclusion, utilizing the iGENEA DNA test proved to be an enlightening, worthwhile experience. It opened up a world of discovery and connection beyond my expectations. The feelings of unity and shared history were empowering, and the increased understanding of my own ancestry and genetic makeup was invaluable.

R. Moreno

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